Release Notes

Public Jun 12 2015


Command Line Interface: A new parameter for the cm partial update command is now available: --report parameter. If present, the command will print a list of the performed actions at the end of its execution.


Issue tracker extensions: The issue tracker extension system has been completely refurbished.

You'll note that custom-made issue tracker extensions referencing the previous extensioncommon.dll library will no longer work.

Please feel free to contact us at our forum if you developed your own issue tracker extension and need some hints to adapt your code to the new interface structure.


Windows GUI: The 'Create Branch' dialog has been completely refurbished. It offers users the possibility to select a pending task from the configured issue tracker (displayed as a list) to automatically fill in the branch name and comment text fields. Additionally, a request can be sent to the issue tracker to mark the selected task as 'open' if it wasn't before.

However, only JIRA is supporting this functionality at this moment. New issue tracker compatibility will be implemented in the upcoming releases.


JIRA extension: JIRA fields mapping support is now available. However, the format has changed. Instead of using XML fields, there's now a "Fields mapping" configuration parameter (see Issue tracker configuration panel). It stores field name pairs (from->to) separated by '|' (vertical bar) characters.

The parameter syntax is:

 [ jira_field_name -> plastic_property_name [ | jira_field_name -> plastic_property_name [ | ... ] ] ] 

This is a valid example of JIRA fields mapping:


In this case, the displayed Description would contain the project key, the displayed Owner would be the JIRA user who created the issue and the displayed Title would be the JIRA issue description.


GUI: The 'profile' creation/edition dialog ('Profiles' tab on the 'preferences' window) has been improved. Now it's a single form instead of a wizard. The most important improvement is that it won't require to fill the destination server's working mode anymore when creating/editing a profile.


FMOD Plugin: The 'sync' operation has been fixed. However, only global updates are allowed; the 'Sync selection' option will perform the same action as the "Sync & merge" one.


Command Line Interface: thecm unco --all command could fail in certain border cases when undoing renamed/moved folders out of Plastic SCM control. The failing scenario could be as follows:

* Have a workspace with the following items: /src, /src/foo.c and /src/bar.c

* copy /src to /src_bak

* delete /src/foo.c

* execute cm unco --all -> Error.

The issue has been fixed.


GUI: Fixed the server autodiscovery dialog. It used to fail when only one server was detected but it is working fine now.