Release Notes

Public May 16 2024


All platforms - REST API: Remove branches with changesets using the v2 REST API

Before, if you wanted to delete a branch, you had to manually delete its changesets first. Now you can delete all the data at once with the deleteChangesets query parameter:

curl -X DELETE https://my-plasticscm-server:7178/api/v2/organizations/ORG_64_/repositories/Game2020/branches/1993?deleteChangesets=true \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Bear in mind that the operation is atomic. Either all of the changesets or none of them will be removed.

Plastic SCM will prevent removing the changesets in a branch under the following circumstances:

- The changeset zero is included in the operation (that is, you are trying to delete the main branch).

- One or more of the changesets have children outside of the branch (this is, the branch has child branches).

- One or more of the changesets in the branch are the source of a merge, and the destination changeset of the merge falls outside of the branch.

- One or more of the changesets in the branch are pointed to by a label.

- There are one or more shelvesets created from a changeset in the branch.


All platforms - Desktop GUI: Added advanced filters to multiple views

We added the filters panel that we already have for the branch explorer to the branches, changesets, labels and attributes views.

You can now easily filter all views by date, branch and user using the same saved filters that you had in the branch explorer.

You can also still use a custom query if you want more advanced filtering.


All platforms - Desktop GUI: Keep the code reviews filter preference after restarts

When you select a filter in the code reviews view, this filter was lost after closing the application, and you had to re-apply it the next time.

We modified the behavior so now the filter is kept across restarts.


All Platforms - Gluon: Allow to share and open folder links

In Gluon, we've expanded the sharing functionality to include folders in addition to files. Previously, users could only copy links to files for sharing, but now they can also share links to directories. This enhancement improves collaboration by allowing users to easily share and open folder links with others.


Server: SAML authentication is now enabled by default

Previously, the "SamlAuthenticationEnabled" feature flag had to be set in your server.conf in order to explicitly enable SAML authentication. Now the feature flag will be ignored. For more information on how to set up SAML authentication on your on-prem server, check the following technical documentation:


All platforms - Desktop GUI, Gluon: Consistent behavior adding comments to binary files in code reviews

We've made sure that adding comments to binary files in code reviews behaves consistently, whether the files are added or changed. Previously, there was a discrepancy where comments could be added for added binary files in the metadata lines, but not for changed binary files. Now, both scenarios behave the same way – comments are not allowed. In the near future, we plan to enable adding comments to entire binary files at the file level.