Release Notes

Public Jan 20 2022


All platforms - Client: cm partial ci now supports machine readable format

To obtain an easily parseable output, just use the --machinereadable option:

$ cm partial ci --machinereadable file.txt | program

Or alternatively:

$ cm partial ci --machinereadable file.txt > /path/to/output.txt
$ cat /path/to/output.txt

STAGE  -  0.00 of 13.89 MB
STAGE Multi-thread checkin -  0.00 of 13.89 MB

Remember you can override the default separators by using formatting options. You might need to double-quote them depending on your shell:

$ cm partial ci --machinereadable "--startlineseparator=[" "--endlineseparator=]" "--fieldseparator=:" file.txt > /path/to/output.txt

[STAGE: - ]
[STAGE: -  0.00 of 13.89 MB]
[STAGE:Multi-thread checkin -  0.00 of 13.89 MB]


All platforms - all clients: corrected pluralization of time span strings

We changed "1 days/hours/minutes ago" to "1 day/hour/minute ago" throughout all the clients.


All Platforms - Server: htop application was crashing when displaying View -> Method Stats.

Now it properly displays and updates each available method call.

Alpha new

Linux - PlasticX: enabled FileSystemWatcher for better performance finding pending changes

We enabled the .NET Core FileSystemWatcher in 'PlasticX' Desktop app and cm command line client on Linux. It was already enabled on Windows and MacOS, but now Linux users will benefit from this improvement too.

You should see a significant speed up in detecting changes in the Pending Changes view or using the cm status command.

The speed up will depend on the particular configuration. As an example, with 2000 items in the pending changes view, we saw the search time shrinks from 650ms to 350ms.

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: Items search result panel is now bigger

We made search results panel of the items view wider, to show more of long paths, and taller, to show more items. In fact, the results panel is over 100% bigger than before!

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: UX improvements to Query views.

We made some improvements to the views that have advanced query functionality: the changesets, branches, attributes, labels, shelvesets and code reviews views.

1. We changed the style of the Execute button to make it clearer.

2. Pressing Enter in the query entry field now executes the query.

3. Refreshing the view uses the currently query (rather than the last executed query).

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: File size column now right-aligned

We right-aligned the text in the file size column throughout the application.

Here's how it looks:

Alpha new

Windows - PlasticX: launch PlasticX after auto-upgrade

When a new version of Plastic is available, a notification panel will appear giving you the option of downloading and installing the new version.

Previously, after installing the new version, the official Plastic release would be launched even if you initiated the upgrade from PlasticX. Now, PlasticX will be launched in this case.

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: Added merge explanation view

When applying a merge, now there is a "Merge diagram" button that shows the merge explanation. Here's how it looks:

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: textmate integration is 450% faster.

We reworked AvaloniaEdit's TextMate integration and now is much faster when handling mid/big files and it reduces CPU by 50% when tokenizing files.

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: Sometimes the diff viewer didn't display the first difference correctly.

Sometimes, when opening a differences window or a code review, the diff viewer didn't navigate to the first difference correctly. Now it's fixed.

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: Fixed double click event on tables

When double-clicking on a table, we were executing the double-click event even if the user didn't click on a table row. For example, if the user double-clicked on the header of the table, or in the free space at the bottom of it, the selected row would be expanded (or whatever the double-click behavior is expected on that table). This also happened with the right-click.

Now this issue is fixed and the action will only be performed if the user clicked on a row of the table

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: Fixed unexpected behavior when selecting items on a table

When selecting an item on a table for the first time, we were not managing the table properties correctly, and this was causing issues, such as the inability to execute a shortcut over the selected item, or open the context menu with a right-click.

We fixed this issue, and now the first selection of the table will work as expected

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: Disable "Open" button in the switcher window when needed

The "Open" button in the switcher window was always enabled when the workspaces tab was selected, even when the workspaces list was empty. We fixed this issue, and now the button is only enabled when there is a workspace selected.

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: corrected Date modified for Added items in Workspace Explorer

Added items were appearing in the Workspace Explorer with an invalid Date modified (1/1/1001) when they should have no date displayed.

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: fixed exception opening context menu in a directory's History

An exception was thrown if you right-clicked in the History view for a directory. We fixed this. There is no context menu to show in this scenario.

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: fixed text clipping on Code Review window

The text of the code review summary was being clipped by a couple of pixels at the bottom. Fixed.