Release Notes

Public Apr 13 2021


Windows - Plastic: Plasticlinks for code reviews are here!

We heard you and now you can copy and share code reviews with your mates. Check the new link format:



All Platforms - WebUI: The new and improved Code Review experience is here!

We reworked the section in order to achieve base parity with the desktop experience and make it responsive and functional on all modern portable devices.

Desktop experience:

iPad experience:


All platforms - Web UI: Creating a Code Review dialog removal

When clicking on the "Create Review" button, in the Branches and Changesets lists pages, it doesn't require filling a popup dialog form anymore. The title is pre-generated, and the reviewer is set to the current logged in user.


All platforms - Web UI: Filter Code Reviews by Date Range

When viewing the list of code reviews, one can now filter them by a date range. By default, the filter will be for the last month, but seeing the full list is just a click away with our handy date picker.