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Plastic SCM adds intuitive GUIs or full on CLI to Unreal Engine. Branching, diffing and merging C++ has never been so slick and easy.

What is Plastic SCM

Plastic is a full version control stack. With this plug in, Unreal Engine users can keep track of their projets and collaborate easily. All Plastic workflows are supported. Plastic seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine's panes and contextual menus to give you and your team mates full version control powers!

How does the plug-in work

When you want to get together a team of devs, artists, physics programmers, animators in Unreal Engine, version control becomes central. Only with a flexible and reliable version control system can teams enjoy true collective project ownership. This will allow teams to be always ready to ship, one task at a time.

Unite remote teams

Whether you use Unreal Engine in a local network or distributed, Plastic SCM will always fulfill your collaboration purposes. Enhance collaboration and productivity regardless of your set up. Replication is fully guaranteed in any distributed scenario thus ensuring proper asset and code delivery.

Cloud and On prem setups


The team can work centralized, with developers just doing checkin to the central server. It will be fast whether they are in the local network or working remotely from home (or visiting a customer and making last-hour fixes).

Supported scenarios centralized


The team can also work distributed, where each developer has local repos and push pulls to the central server (or even to other colleagues).

This is pure DVCS style (or Git-style if you prefer).

Supported scenarios dixtributed


And, of course, the team can use a mix of centralized and distributed even when working on the same project! This is great because it gives team members the choice to stick to their preferred workflow, simply do what they are most comfortable with.

Options like multi-site (push/pull between central servers on different locations) are also supported.

Supported scenarios mixed

Cloud extension

You can add Plastic Cloud to your Team Edition. You just pay for the storage, no extra cost, and you can add an extra Cloud server to your setup. Ideal for teams spread across different places and with members working remotely. Learn more about Cloud Extension here.

Cloud extension
Working with large assets that aren't code? Let your artists, illustrators, localization partners keep their assets versioned in the same project. Gluon, a dedicated, point and click GUI brings your team together.

Which version of Plastic suits you better?

Feature Cloud Edition Team Edition Enterprise Edition
Centralized Yes Yes Yes
Distributed Yes Yes Yes
RDBMs storage1 SQL Azure on Cloud + Jet locally SQLite, SQL server CE, MySQL, Firebird Team Edition + MySQL and SQL Server
Cloud Yes
This is what Cloud Edition is about
Cloud Extension
Cloud Extension
Unity/UE plugins Yes Yes Yes
Git client Yes Yes Yes
Git Server Yes Yes
Shelves Yes Yes
Delete changesets Yes Yes Yes
Mergebots Yes Yes
Server-side triggers Yes Yes
LDAP integration Yes
Proxy server Yes
WAN transfer Yes
High scalability2 Yes

1 Currently we recommend Jet, our ad-hoc, blazing-fast, repository storage system. It is the storage deployed by default and the one that offers a better performance. Plastic an still work with standard RDBMs that range from SQLite to SQL Server and MySQL. Corporations sometimes require to use their standard system, and that's why Enterprise Edition is the only one with SQL Server and MySQL support.

2 High scalability engine included in Enterprise Edition. Servers that need to support heavy load (millions of requests per day) and high performance requirements (repos in the TB range with hundreds of users) are better served by the high scalability engine included in Enterprise Edition.

Remember we can help you selecting the right Plastic SCM Edition

Why are studios using Plastic's plugin?

From small indie studios with just two members dreaming on their first hit, to seasoned teams inside corporations evangelizing their peers about Plastic. There is a wide variety of compact teams worldwide who choose Plastic as the foundation to build their workflows upon.

Learn how Plastic's features work

Plastic speaks the Git language so it's easy to learn
Or grab a copy of the book in PDF. It is free!