Develop with Unity and Plastic SCM

the version control for game developers

Unity3D (4.3 and above) supports Plastic SCM!
(* 4.3 and higher)

Plastic SCM – Unity plugin features

You can use the plugin to:
  1. Add/checkin/checkout and update working copy with latest contents on branch
  2. Lock and unlock
  3. Keep the .meta files in sync with original files and folders
    • Even when adding new assets, changing, deleting or moving them.
  4. Compare file contents:
    • With latest contents on branch
  5. Run the Plastic SCM branch explorer
    • Through the branch explorer, you can create branches, switch to another branch, and push branches to another server.
  6. Run merges
Licensing Plastic SCM for Unity

Plastic SCM for Unity Edition includes a free native plugin for Unity 3D Pro. This allows developers to access Plastic SCM functionality within Unity 3D environment.

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Note: Plastic SCM for Unity is not available under our Community Edition. Read more in our Community Edition FAQ page.