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$7 user/month includes all software plus up to 5GB cloud storage.
Once the 5GB limit is exceeded, the monthly price per team will be as follows:
0-5 Included $0
5-25 $5 $5

Each 25GB bucket above 25GB will cost an additional $5/Month

The pricing includes the access to the multi-node cloud server, the storage of the metadata in the cloud database, the network traffic to download from the cloud, the blob storage used by the versioned file contents plus all the provisioning and billing system. It is all included in a “cost per gigabyte bucket” to simplify pricing.

When your data needs grow beyond your current limit, your Plastic Cloud subscription will automatically be upgraded to the next size level.

We will always notify you via email 7 days prior to upgrading your subscription to the next size level and charging your credit card.

Once you reach 25GB, your subscription will grow by 25GB buckets at a cost of $5 per bucket.

  • If you are using 3GB and you have 3 users, you'll pay $0 / month because the first 3 users and initial 5GB of Cloud storage are free.
  • Then your data grows to 7GB and you still have 3 users. You'll pay $5 + $0 = $5 / month.
  • 6 months later, you're using 30GB and your team has 4 users. You'll pay $10 + $7 x 1 + = $17 / month.