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What is Plastic Cloud Edition?

Plastic Cloud Edition is the sum of the Plastic SCM software plus a Plastic Cloud server and storage all packaged together in a single pay-as-you-go subscription.

Teams can forget about managing infrastructure and licensing since this is all handled by Plastic Cloud.

Client software and local repositories are installed on the developer’s computer, and then they push/pull to the cloud organization (or directly checkin to the cloud using Gluon).

Who is it for?

Plastic Cloud Edition is designed with fully distributed teams in mind. Teams that don’t want to consider running their own servers, and prefer hosting everything online.

Plastic Cloud Edition provides a hosted version control solution plus all the required client software. Since Plastic SCM is a distributed version control (DVCS), a partial (or full) clone will be also stored locally on each developer’s machine.

Teams pay per-use and there’s no need to add or remove licenses since Plastic Cloud tracks storage and number of active users.

What can you do with Plastic Cloud Edition?

  • Handle big files and huge repos

    2 GB is not the limit here. Plastic supports big files and huge repo sizes by design. Plastic Cloud Edition starts with 5GB and grows as you need.

  • Take advantage of private repositories

    Plastic Cloud is designed for teams who need private repos in the cloud on a safe way.

  • Encrypt your cloud storage

    You can setup your Plastic Cloud organization to use encrypted data. Data will always be encrypted in the cloud and only decrypted on your computers.

  • Use distributed and centralized workflows

    Developers will take advantage of the push/pull workflow while team members using Plastic Gluon can go for a simpler direct checkin cycle.

  • DVCS workflow

    The familiar push/pull way of working. The option of choice if you work with code.

  • Checkin workflow

    Just checkin your changes. No intermediate repos. No push and pull. The best option for artists in games (together with Plastic Gluon). Also available for coders who want to work centralized.

  • Save time in data transfer using the closest datacenter

    You can select where your data is stored. The closest to you, the fastest the data transfer is going to be.

Work in the cloud and... use the best tools

Plastic SCM includes the best version control tools and GUIs you can think of.

The Plastic SCM GUI on Windows

Visit our gallery for more screenshots.
Check other tools to find why we say ours are better ;-)

Scenarios supported by Plastic SCM Cloud Edition

  1. Direct checkin to Plastic Cloud with Plastic Gluon.

    Direct checkin will be the workflow typically used by artists in game development and team members who don’t work in code but documents, plans and so on.

    Keys in their daily workflow:
    • They just modify and checkin. They never merge. They lock files to avoid concurrent changes (on files that are unmergeable).
    • They work on a single branch.
    • They use Gluon.

    They can now simply continue using Plastic Gluon and checkin directly to Plastic Cloud.

    • Plastic Gluon installed.
    • A valid Plastic SCM Cloud Edition subscription.
  2. Distributed developers

    Each developer works on his machine, from his home office. They both belong to the same Plastic Cloud organization and deliver changes to Plastic Cloud through push/pull. Each of them has his own local Plastic SCM repo (or collection of repositories) so that checkins are always local and blazing fast.

    Keys in their daily workflow:
    • They checkin locally and then push when they’re done.
    • They pull each other’s branches from Plastic Cloud and then one of them merges locally.
    • Then he pushes the merged branches back to Plastic Cloud.
    • Plastic Cloud Edition installed.
    • A valid Plastic SCM Cloud Edition subscription.
  3. Developers using direct checkin to Plastic Cloud with regular Plastic SCM.

    Direct checkin will be the workflow typically used by developers working on code.

    Keys in their daily workflow:
    • They just modify, checkin and merge their changes.
    • They work on several branches.
    • They use Plastic SCM.

    They can now simply continue using Plastic SCM and checkin directly to Plastic Cloud.

    • Plastic Cloud Edition installed.
    • A valid Plastic SCM Cloud Edition subscription.

Friendly and flexible licensing

Cloud Edition is designed for fully distributed teams to remove all maintenance and operation costs. The Cloud server and storage is handled by us so that you don’t have to worry about backups, upgrades or licensing.

You first create a Cloud organization, then you invite your team members to join. Billing will depend on the number of active users in the organization every month.

Let’s explain it better with an example:

  • RobotCo organization is created in February and Mike, the owner, invites Sarah, Miles and Peter.
  • Mike, Sarah and Peter frantically work during February, but Miles doesn’t use Plastic yet.
  • In March, Miles starts using Plastic too.
  • In April, Mike and Peter spend the entire month away at events.
  • The team still didn’t reach the 5GB limit.

The billing will be as follows:

  • 3 users in Feb.
  • 4 users in March.
  • 2 users in April.

No extra cost for the storage will be billed since the initial 5GB limit wasn’t exceeded.

Once the initial 5GB of Cloud storage is exceeded, general Plastic Cloud fees will be applied. Check the pricing page for more information.

How is it different than Team Edition?

While both Team Edition and Cloud Edition are based on the same Plastic SCM core and tools, they’re designed with different kinds of teams in mind.

The main differences are:

  1. On premise server:
    • Team Edition is best suited for teams who require an on-premise server installed at the office.
    • Cloud Edition doesn’t include an on-premise server. In order to share code, developers push their changes to the cloud. Many Cloud Edition users won’t even have an office at all.
  2. Cloud server and storage:
    • Team Edition users can optionally subscribe to Plastic Cloud, but many of them won’t require cloud storage at all.
    • Cloud Edition includes a Plastic Cloud organization by default, and teams will use it from the start.
  3. Billing and licensing:
    • Team Edition is billed monthly or annually. Teams need to proactively add or remove user licenses and then install the new license on their servers.
    • Cloud Edition is billed monthly and teams don’t need to specify the number of users since the Cloud server automatically tracks active users. Cloud Edition is billed based on:
      1. The total cloud storage space (first 5GB included at no extra cost).
      2. The number of active users accessing the Cloud during the billing period.

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