Crafted for game developers

Game development is a team sport. You have players with different skills.

From seasoned programmers who want to work distributed and take advantage of super advanced branching and merging, to artists, designers and animators who crave for a tool to deliver their changes that doesn’t get in their way.

Coders need power, flexibility, merging

Artists like simplicity, file locking, image previews...

Despite of their differences, they have common needs too: a reliable version control, capable of managing huge repositories (handle +4TB repos with ease), super fast downloads, super fast uploads...

Different strengths for artists & coders

We know a one-size-fits-all solution is not enough

We created Gluon for artists and designers

A specific GUI and workflow for files that can’t be modified concurrently

And all the distributed power for coders

Full branching and merging capabilities + distributed + advanced diff and merge tools (including the unique semantic technology)

Plus a Cloud server

To host projects in the hundreds of GBs range

Some key features

Plastic SCM is simple to use but includes all the cutting-edge DVCS power

You get great branching and merging

And powerful visualization with the Branch Explorer.

You can work centralized and distributed

From Git style to pure centralized.

You will feel the speed

Plastic SCM is super fast uploading and downloading files.

And large code bases and projects won't be an issue

Indeed our regular benchmark is a +700k files checkin just to make sure we still run circles around all the other version controls.