Scalability results of Plastic SCM

Performance, scalability and network optimizations

How does Plastic SCM scale under heavy load?

One of the key features for game dev teams is to be able to use highly scalable centralized servers

We run frequent scalability tests using automated bots that simulate actual users to tune Plastic under heavy load.

We have an Amazon EC2 based setup to enable teams to connect and check scalability by themselves. The typical scenario is described here including a screencast showing how a developer using the Plastic GUI is affected by the load created by hundreds of concurrent users.

This section explains how Plastic scales using different operating systems and database backends.

Test Description:

    Each “test bot” performs the following operations:

  1. Create a branch.
  2. Switch to it.
  3. Loop 100 times:

  4. Modifies 10 files.
  5. Checkins the 10 files.

So each “test bot” performs 100 checkins of 10 files each.

Code base size: 197,356 files, 15,179 directories – 2.59 GB