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Optimized network channel for high latency

Optimized network channel for high latency

Optimized data transfer for high-latency & high bandwidth networks – intercontinental data transfer

While working with different studios we found out that transferring large amounts of data between distant sites is a key operation for many of them.

That’s why we included an improved 'WAN network channel' in Plastic SCM 5.4.

Data transfer between servers hosted on different continents faces different problems than LAN scenarios.

Typically when replicating data between distant servers through the Internet, applications have to deal with high latency, so even when the bandwidth is high the final transfer rate will be greatly reduced.

TCP is not ideal under these circumstances and that's why the new WAN channel takes advantage of a UDP based protocol to improve the transfer rate. A 2.3 improvement is easy to achieve with a 100msec latency, and then as the latency increases, WAN channel outperforms the TCP one up to 5-10 times.

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