Plastic SCM Tube

Plastic SCM Tube
Plastic SCM Tube infography

To use The Tube you only need to configure your access. That's it!

Plastic SCM Tube screenshot

How The Tube works

Plastic SCM Tube how it works 1

Each server connects to The Tube (using SSL) and then a virtual ad-hoc connection is negotiated between the servers (using your own SSL certificates).

Plastic SCM Tube how it works 2

Once is established, a secured channel is created between your repositories even if you're behind different firewalls.

The Tube server plays two roles:

  • Works as a directory service to let you locate your team mates wherever they're as soon as they connect to The Tube server.
  • Once the connection is established, it redirects encrypted data (SSL) between the two machines (it just handles the encrypted bytes, doesn't have the keys to decrypt, so nobody accesses your data).