Release Notes

Public Sep 07 2020


All platforms - Plastic: Plastic SCM now switches to the parent branch when you delete the working branch.

Consider the following scenario. You create a new branch and switch your workspace to it. However, you decide it wasn't what you wanted and decide to delete the branch.

When you proceed, the Plastic SCM selector (the internal workspace configuration) points to a branch that no longer exists. This caused problems refreshing some views. But it's fixed now! Plastic will automatically switch your workspace to the parent changeset of the deleted branch.

Now, when Plastic SCM detects that the user deleted the working branch, it automatically switches to the branch's base changeset.


Windows, macOS - git sync: Plastic SCM now supports sync with GitHub LFS! You can run the sync operation and it'll automatically pull/push your large files from/to the storage if your git repository is configured to use LFS.

If you'd like to skip LFS revision contents, just add the new --skiplfs parameter. That will synchronize your git repo with Plastic leaving out any revision data stored in LFS.

This feature isn't currently available on Linux. The mono version we ship (4.6.2) doesn't support TLSv1.2 and the LFS endpoints are TLSv1.2-only. We're working in a solution for this.