Release Notes

Public Jan 28 2020


macOS - Plastic: The new Code Review system now allows you to visualize comments located in revisions that aren't loaded in the code review window. For example, this happens when you checked in new changes to apply revision comments. That creates new revisions for those files in the same branch, which don't match the commented revisions. When this happens, we display a panel with three actions:

* Diff revision with comments: Compares the commented revision (right side) with the base one (left side).

* Last in branch: Compares the last revision in the branch (right side) with the base one (left side). This is what selecting a file in the changes tree does.

* Diff with head: Compares the last revision in the branch (right side) with the commented revision (right side).

Please remember that the Code Review feature is still beta in macOS. Feel free to share your feedback with us!


Windows, macOS - Plastic: Checking in your changes will refresh the branch diff in opened code review windows now. This allows you to have the current information in your code review windows. Nobody likes stale data, right?


Windows - Gluon: The Checkin view didn't recalculate the diffs of the selected file after refresh. Now it does!


All platforms - WebAdmin: there were some aesthetic issues in the Performance section. When browsing with Firefox, the numbers were cut out. Now it's fixed!