Release Notes

Public Apr 26 2019


GUIs and Web: Great improvements in the Cloud Edition onboarding process.

We changed the first steps in Cloud Edition, so joining to an organization and creating a new one is now much easier.

Here is a summary of the improvements:

* All GUIs: New signup/login dialogs to help new users getting aboard.

* All GUIs: Links with relevant information during evaluation.

* The old has been replaced by The new dashboard has been redesigned too.

* Plastic Cloud Edition subscription information has been improved.

Let's now detail each of the improvements.

1. New signup/login dialogs

Now new users can signup to directly from the GUIs, which makes the process much faster and reduces friction.

And it is also possible to create the new organization and subscribe to Plastic Cloud without leaving the GUI:

As a bonus, the GUI now selects your nearest datacenter by default.

2. Links with relevant information

Once you start the GUIs, there are new links to help you find your way during the evaluation:

If you look at the bar in the bottom of the window, you'll find the following information:

* A message saying how many days are left to evaluate Cloud Edition.

* If you are the owner of the subscription, then a button will open the web-dashboard directly. This is the option to check your usage, invite new team mates, etc.

* Finally, a button helps you contact support in case you have any questions or found a problem.

3. New Cloud dashboard

We used to have and They were part of the same domain, but implemented as separate applications. Now we unified the experience.

We also used the opportunity to redesign the interface and make it much more intuitive.

4. Improved subscription information

Now you'll be able to access more information about your actual Plastic Cloud usage.

Now it clearly shows the total storage use and also charts to quickly review the daily active users and the key operations performed in Plastic Cloud.



Command line client: the 'cm clone' command can now clone a repository to a replication package. This is useful for moving data across servers when there is no direct connection between them.

To clone a repository to a replication package, do the following:

> cm clone myRep@localhost:8084 --package=myRep.plasticpkg

You can then import that package using the pull command:

> cm mkrep myNewRep@mordor.home:9095
> cm pull --package=myRep.plasticpkg myNewRep@mordor.home:9095


Command line client: PowerShell receives autocompletion support! It only completes command names for now, but expect future improvements.

To install it, just run (from your Windows PowerShell):

> cm autocomplete install
C:\Users\sergi\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 modified.
You need to restart PowerShell for changes to take effect.

Remember that command autocompletion also works in Bash. Do you use another shell and you want to have cm autocompletion support? Let us know!


GitSync won't fail anymore if for whatever reason it can't access the contents of a given revision. It will add an empty revision in the Git package instead.

This way we allow syncing with Git even if an old revision is not present due to an old issue.


Windows, linux - Plastic, Gluon: Windows will be maximized first time you open them. After that, their size, status and position will be restored when you close and reopen them. Please note that this doesn't apply to macOS since it's not usual to work with maximized windows in that OS.


Windows - Gluon: We added a new context menu action in the diff window called "External diff". It's available when you right click a file in the diff window, i.e. the one that appears when you run a diff action. This is really useful when you have a specific diff tool that is best suited to diff a particular kind of files.


Windows - Plastic: When using parameters in view filters,

the parameter was not working ok for the first column. Now

it's fixed. You can use "columnName:value".


Linux/macOS GUI: A "The item {id-value} cannot be found on tree" exception was thrown when the user tried to solve more than one delete-change conflicts for the same delete item keeping the delete as resolution. Now it's fixed.


CLI: The '--keepsource' option in the 'cm merge' command didn’t work for files that were modified on source and locally changed in the workspace at the same time, if they had to be checked out exclusively (locked). Now it's fixed.


Windows - Gluon: The window title in the Windows task bar was not visible. Now it's fixed.


Linux/macOS, all GUIs and CLI: If the Plastic client didn't have access to a given directory (e.g. the current user doesn't have read/execute permissions), no error appeared in the pending changes view. It's now displayed including the failing path.


Gluon: The update of an out-of-date file failed and displayed the error message "Could not find a part of the path '{filepath}'" when its parent was locally deleted. It also failed systematically if you tried to force update it in the update results dialog. Now it’s fixed.


Linux - Plastic: The second column title in the repository list was wrong. It's not "Repository"; it's "Server". Now it's fixed.


Cloud edition: Windows GUI: Fixed a bug that caused Plastic GUI to be immediately closed after login with your cloud edition account and creating a workspace on a new install. This issue just happened in release, which was published just for a few hours and then unpublished due to the described failure.