Cookies policy

Codice Software Web sites use "cookies". This Cookies Policy describes the purposes of the cookies used in this Web site and how can you manage your preferences relating to its use.

  1. 1. What are Cookies?

    Cookies are small text files placed on your hard disk by a Web server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a Web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Cookie can be use for different purposes, such as to recognize a user, collect information your browsing habits or to display your personalized content on your later visits to these sites.

    According to when they expire, Cookies may be either "persistent" cookies or "session" cookies. Cookies may also be "first party Cookies" or "third Party cookies": a first party cookie is issued by a domain managed by the website's own editor; a third party cookie is issued by a domain managed managed by our service providers.

  2. 2. Cookies used in this Web site

    We use cookies for the following purposes:

    Strictly necessary cookies: cookies strictly necessary for the provision of our Web site and services requested by the users.

    Name Origin Description Duration
    cookiePanelValue First Party Save user dismissal of cookie warning panel 1 year
    .AspNetCore.Antiforgery.{id} First Party Antiforgery token (XSRF protection) Session
    .AspNetCore.Cookies First Party Authentication information Session
    .AspNetCore.Session First Party Session data (ongoing purchases, etc.) Session

    Analytics cookies: cookies which allow us to analyse the use and performance of our website and services.

    Name Origin Description Duration More information
    amplitude_id_{id} Amplitude Uniquely identify the user's machine 10 years Amplitude Anonymous identifier Session
    arrafinity First Party Session affinity cookie Session
    visitor_id{id} Pardot/Salesforce Uniquely identify the user's machine 10 years
    visitor_id{id}-hash Pardot/Salesforce Security measure to avoid malicious access 10 years
    ajs_anonymous_id Segment Used to distinguish anonymous (i.e. not logged in) users 1 year
    ajs_user_id Segment Used to distinguish logged-in users 1 year
    ai_user Microsoft Used to distinguish users 1 year
    ai_session Microsoft Used to distinguish users 30 minutes
    _gali Google Register the navigation source to reach the current page Immediate
    _gat_{id} Google Throttle request rate for property ID 1 minute
    _ga Google Used to distinguish users 2 years
    _gid Google Used to distinguish users 24 hours
    __stripe_mid Stripe Fraud prevention and detection (machine ID) 1 year
    __stripe_sid Stripe Fraud prevention and detection (session ID) 30 minutes
    stripe.csrf Stripe Cross-site request forgery protection 1 year
    intercom-id-{id} Intercom uniquely identify the user's machine 9 months
    intercom-session-{id} Intercom uniquely identify a browser session 1 week
    plasticscm_download_data First Party Save user anonymous ID and campaign info for instrumentation Session
  3. 3. Managing cookies

    Insofar as those cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of our website and services, we will ask you to consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our website.

    Alternatively, most Web browsers allow to accept or decline cookies through the browser setting. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to sign in or use other interactive features of Codice Software site and services that depend on cookies. If you choose to accept cookies, you also have the ability to delete later cookies that you have accepted following your web browser of choice instructions. If you choose to delete cookies, any settings and preferences controlled by those cookies will be deleted and may need to be recreated.

    You can learn how to manage cookies on most popular browsers, on the following links:

    Similarly, Google offers a "Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on" which can be downloaded in the following link:

  4. 4. Contact information

    For further information about this Cookies Policy, please contact us at