Plastic SCM compared

This is how Plastic SCM compares to some of the most widely used version control systems

Plastic SCM Comparisons


Plastic Git Perforce Subversion TFS Hg
Score 11.5 5 7 5.5 6 5
High number of branches Yes Yes Trouble Trouble Trouble Yes
Create branches fast Yes Yes Trouble in big projects (>=100k files), takes minutes Trouble. It soft copies, so it is not fast Trouble. It soft copies, it is not comfortable Yes
Big binary files (>500mb) Yes Trouble Yes Yes Yes Trouble
Multiple database backends Yes No
But the built-in one is super fast
Uses BerkeleyDb and it is well-known for locking
No Only SQL Server No
But the built-in one is fast
Centralized development Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Distributed development Yes Yes Partial (latest releases added limited replication support) No No Yes
Partial replication Yes No Can replicate a working changeset No
Doesn't apply
Doesn't apply
ACL based security Yes No
Git security is one of its weakest points
But it has a quite flexible path- based security system
No Yes No
Exclusive checkout
(important for game dev and other industries)
Even when working distributed
No Yes Yes Yes No
Scalability under heavy load Yes Doesn't apply Trouble No
It doesn't scale well
Doesn't apply
Branch and merge visualization Yes
Nothing compares to the Distributed Branch Explorer
Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak
Multi-platform support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Windows only
Score 11.5 5 7 5.5 6 5
Plastic Git Perforce Subversion TFS Hg


Merging is one of the top features to check when looking for a new version control. The following table explains how the different version controls score when they have to deal with a good number of merge scenarios.

Plastic Git Perforce Subversion TFS Hg
Score 85 60 55 0 40 40
Move/change Yes Yes
Issue with complex cases
Issue Fail Yes Yes
Change/delete Yes Yes Yes Fail Fail
With complex cases
Move/delete Yes Issues with complex cases Issues with complex cases Fail Issues when directories are involved Fail
When directories are involved
Divergent move Yes Issue Yes Fail Fail
With directories
Cycle move Yes Fail Yes Fail Fail Fail
Add/move Yes Issue Fail
On complex, issue on simple
Fail Fail
On some cases
Added evil twin Issue Yes Yes Fail Yes Yes