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Códice Software: the Spanish company that thanks to Plastic SCM competes with the omnipresent Git
Xataka | May 24th, 2019 | Spanish

The story of Códice Software and Plastic SCM, their version control software, is a classic Silicon Valley tale. The tale of a company that raises funds from an angel investor, later from a venture capital fund to become a key player in the market.

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SD Times
Using version control to automate DevOps
SD Times | March 11th, 2019

While the industry is trying to speed up software development and deployment with methodologies like Agile, DevOps and CI/CD, one company believes that tools and solutions that go along with these approaches aren’t changing fast enough.

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How Plastic SCM uses Mono
Unity | February 13th, 2019

A use case of Mono's capabilities to port C# code to all platforms done by Códice Software.

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Unity Integrated Full Version Control Stack: Plastic SCM
Unity | February 10th, 2019

A breaking edge, volumetric video case study with Magic Leap One and Unity done by a remote team managing code and assets in Plastic SCM.

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Automating your development pipeline
Genbeta | February 1st, 2019 | Spanish

Genbeta focuses this time on mergebots: Plastic’s build orchestration functionality. To the author, it is remarkable how easy it is to connect a complete pipeline to Plastic and let version control take care of the build process automatically. Basically, it is like hiring a new team member to automate code integration.

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AS - Meristation
Spain featured in Gamescome: an exceptional guest
AS - Meristation | August 21st, 2018 | Spanish

Spain is the main guest at Gamescom 2018. The German trade fair – the biggest in Europe – takes place in Cologne and, in its tenth edition features “Games from Spain”. Plastic SCM has a prominent presence in it along with other Spanish companies and studios.

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How Telltale Games handles version control
Gamasutra | November 28th, 2016

A case study of how Telltale, a 350 people studio at that time, managed to maintain and release in short cycles, provide tools for their artists to version their assets and support remote partners while keeping security at the highest level.

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SD Times
SCM brings control to the software development workflow
SD Times | April 28th, 2016

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is becoming a vital part of a developer’s workflow for tracking changes and managing software assets.

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SemanticMerge Is First Language-Aware Diff and Merge Tool
Dr.Dobb's | October 18th, 2013

In this article, Adrian Bridgewater, focuses on the semantic functionality of Plastic’s merge machine. Moved or changed methods, properties, classes… aren’t conflict generators anymore when Plastic merges code. It’s Codelens done right!

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World's First 'Language-Aware' Source Code Merge Tool
Dr.Dobb's | April 17th, 2013

Codice's SemanticMerge is a programming three-way merge tool with semantic support. The tool uses "merge technology" built into the firm's Plastic SCM core product to consolidate files that are heavily refactored in parallel by different developers, regardless of the code programming language.

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