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What is Plastic SCM

Plastic is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). You've probably heard of software like Git and Mercurial, the DVCS leaders in the open source world.

Plastic is the most powerful commercial DVCS, more feature-rich than any other system and surrounded by great visual aids, GUIs, security, and other company-oriented capabilities.

Huge challenges ahead

Yes, Plastic is good already, but the market is moving fast! The "status quo" was broken when the DVCS systems entered the scene. During the last year every major open source project moved from SVN to Git or Mercurial and you know what? Commercial ones will be next. Centralized traditional systems are dead.

We want to be one of the leading SCMs in the front lines of the version control revolution. In order to do that, Plastic needs to keep evolving; it has to be far better than the open source and commercial systems out there.

From developers to developers

There are few things more challenging for a developer than creating software used by other developers. And that's what we do!!

The cool thing is that, as developers, we DO understand the software we create... we use it on a daily basis.

The tough part, you know, is that developers are really demanding users. We're not easy to please!

Beat all competitors

You'll be joining the team that is able to consistently beat all the other SCMs on the market; compare Plastic to Clearcase, Perforce, Accurev or Subversion... we beat them feature by feature!!

Compare Plastic to Git and Mercurial: Yes, the cores of these new systems are also good, but Plastic is certainly more evolved.

We're a small, but highly focused and motivated team, a great example of how cohesive groups can reach incredible milestones. Though we're probably the smallest team on the SCM market, we still deliver the most advanced software.

Join us!!

If you're interested, send us a well formatted resume and a cover letter to:

We're hiring, and you may well be the key player we're looking for!