Put sugar on the DevOps cycle
Motivate monkeys developers to deliver tasks fast :-D

Candyvault – the secret to boost DevOps

Do it yourself

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Candyvault editions

Cardboard edition

If you are cheap, this is your choice. Perfect for pre-funding startups.

Wood edition

Because you think wood tells a story about you.

Gold edition

When money is not a problem. Perfect for unicorn-wannabes.

Vegans edition

Full of organic-only, health preserving, animal-friendly candies. Refrigerator not included.


Pointy-haired boss

Sugar was the secret of great performance. I’m still shocked to find that long vision-sharing meetings never worked as well as a few Twix. Not healthy, but who cares.


Sugar is what I need to do my best hacks. Time travel was the start. Now thanks to CandyVault I can do even better MSDOS hacks.

Mr. Robot

CandyVault changed our lives. We are delivering new features daily. We gave up on hacking and now we’re into the ERP business. Thanks Candy.

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