Plastic SCM

The version control for coders AND artists

Just focus on the game

Plastic SCM is the version control for teams who prefer to focus on Unity instead of fighting Git and Perforce

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Plastic SCM, less work in progress, more tasks delivered

What makes Plastic SCM different?

Plastic Git Perforce Collab
Supported by Unity by default
Official version control provider
Yes No Yes Yes
Game repos
Good with huge repos and files
We have +4TB repos
Well, you can enjoy LFS
Yes It is based on Git,
Can lock assets and binaries
Yes No
GitHub/Lab can
do something but...
Yes Yes
Can work centralized
Just checkin, no push/pull - artists love it
Yes No Yes Yes
Can work distributed
Push/pull + local repo - coders love it
Yes Yes No No
Can host repos in the cloud
Plastic Cloud
SuperbGitHub/Lab/etc Some
providers do
Cloud hosting is good with huge repos
Yes No No No
Visualizes your repos
So you don't need a PhD in branching
It's our core
Nope Nope Nope
Comes with great GUIs
Yes Uh-oh Well
Compare with ours
Special GUI & workflow for artists
And anyone not a coder
Gluon! No No Nope
Diff understands C#
Yes No No No
Can diff C# methods moved across files
Yup No No No
Can show you the history of a method
Yup No No No
Very good detecting merges between branches
Yes Yes Not really No
Comes with great diff and 3-way merge tools
Super Good
Our job
Go grab one
But compare with Plastic
Good merging renames, moved files, directories, crazy refactors
My job
Yes No No

A few things you can solve with Plastic SCM

We created Gluon for artists and designers
We created Gluon for artists and designers

A specific GUI and workflow for files that can’t be modified concurrently.

And all the distributed power for coders
And all the distributed power for coders

Full branching and merging capabilities + distributed + advanced diff and merge tools (including the unique semantic technology).

Great for big projects and large files
Great for big projects and large files

Indeed our regular benchmark is a +700k files checkin just to make sure we still run circles around all the other version controls.

Plus a Cloud server
Plus a Cloud server

To host projects in the hundreds of GBs range.

Perforce migration
Perforce migration

You need the industrial-strength but also modern version control. Then check how to migrate.

And Plastic SCM keeps evolving week after week, thanks to our users in game studios worldwide


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