Learn more about teams using Plastic SCM around the world

  • Swordfish, Ltd

    India Site: www.swordfishltd.com

    Swordfish, Ltd

    Swordfish, Ltd was founded in 2009. We maintain several websites, so we have to deal with tons of php code, javascript/ajax, smarty templates as well as fast implement solutions over multiple websites and keep code well‐documented and clear.

    Plastic SCM has been a great help to us. Easy to install and setup in few minutes, user‐friendly GUI, detailed documentation; excellent example of setup‐and‐run software. Diff tool, branch manager and review system are great. Now we can get rid of most paperwork and just write a code.

    Before we found this excellent solution, we have to keep a multiple file copies every code change, tons of comments and notes describing every change. With multiple programmers and outside contractors it was like a hell: code/namespace conflicts, overwritten changes, etc. With Plastic SCM we almost forgot about such problems. Thanks to Codice Software Team.

  • Electronic Solutions Company

    USA Site: www.electronicsolutionsco.com

    We use Plastic SCM for its DVCS capabilities and excellent UI. The offsite development capabilities provided by DVCS and its seamless replication increase our development efficiency and allow us to deliver customer solutions sooner. The UI? What can I say? Reviewed a number of SCM products and immediately recognized Plastic SCM as the clear UI winner providing the cleanest, simplest UI available.

  • Hugo Games

    Denmark Site: www.hugogames.com

    Hugo Games

    At Hugo Games we are working hard on making Hugo one of the world's strongest characters – just as it was the case back in the early 90s, where Hugo was aired primetime on national television in more than 40 countries. Hugo subsequently became a huge success as computer games on platforms like the Commodore, PC, Nintendo and Playstation. Now we strive to make the same succes on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Facebook.

    The first Hugo title on Android and iOS; Hugo Retro Mania, was released in November 2011. The second title “Hugo Troll Race” was released in the summer of 2012. We are constantly working on new projects and licensing agreements and currently have several upcoming apps under development as well as a few other exciting projects.

    We just started developing games using Unity 3D, and we found out that we liked Plastic SCM better than the alternatives.

    It has a great and intuitive client to use and works very well with Unity.

  • threesixty services LLP

    United Kingdom Site: www.threesixtyservices.co.uk

    threesixty services LLP

    Threesixty Services is established as one of the major distributor groups in the UK financial intermediary marketplace. To enhance its existing offering, and ensure that the same high quality of service is maintained, threesixty has a programme of technology development which offer its clients the most comprehensive and highly available suite of tools for managing their business in the marketplace. These services are delivered via web based technologies.

    Plastic SCM has been a great help to us; the fine‐tuning of permissions allows us to ensure that developers (especially outside contractors) can only access code which is relevant to them. The component model allows us flexibility, the GUI is simple enough for anyone to quickly use it, yet very powerful. The visual branch manager and the Diff tools are excellent.

    We currently use Plastic SCM to manage multiple Microsoft .Net web applications using Visual studio with C# and SQL server databases. We also use plastic to manage custom code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Virtual Driver Interactive

    USA Site: www.driverinteractive.com

    Virtual Driver Interactive

    Virtual Driver Interactive is a leader in the Simulation and Safety Training Market.

    Having used multiple other VCS systems, Plastic SCM is the easiest, most powerful solution we've used. Unlike other systems, it "just works". The UI is flexible and easy to understand, even for our artists. It only took a day to get our team up and running, and we haven't had any hiccups with it. The Huge Binary File support is a huge relief after our prior experiences, and it is the fastest VCS we have used.

    We currently use Plastic SCM to manage our Unity‐Based Training projects.

  • Qbik New Zealand Limited

    New Zealand Site: www.wingate.com/qbik/index.php

    We migrated from VSS (version 6) a few years back, and evaluated a number of solutions at the time eventually choosing Plastic. We have not regretted this choice at all. Whilst it was initially a learning curve to adjust to a proper source control methodology, we haven't looked back.

    The ease with which you can branch, merge and diff and the clarity you get with the branch explorer to understand what has been going on with the code, has become indispensable. We even now use Plastic to manage Git repositories ‐ it's just so much easier to use.

    Being a proper client‐server architecture (compared to VSS) has also made it much easier to remote work as the network traffic involved in resynching is so reduced.

    We now recommend Plastic to everyone we know looking for a source control system.

  • Telltale Games

    USA Site: www.telltalegames.com

    Telltale Games

    Telltale Games Series is using Plastic SCM to improve its Version Control Management:

    “The Telltale team adopted Plastic SCM and had contributed to design and test the new Plastic Gluon to improve our version control workflow” said Zac Litton, CTO at Telltale Games.

    Telltale Games, a leading developer and publisher of digital entertainment with acclaimed game series such as "The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series" and "Game of Thrones". Telltale's reputation for quality has been established across more than two dozen different product releases over the years with recognition and acclaim from publications like IGN, The New York Times, and Variety, including over 100 "Game of the Year" awards from publications like USA Today, Yahoo! Games, Wired, Spike TV VGAs, E!, Official Xbox Magazine, The Telegraph, Metactitic, and more

    You can read a full interview here

    South Korea Site: www.samsung.com


    Two years ago we evaluated Plastic SCM and many other tools (such as Git, IBM RTC and Perforce). Finally we chose Plastic SCM as our standard VCS tool. Today all developers use Plastic SCM and we are satisfied with its very powerful features, such as Xlinks, for our component based development, and its fast performance for our Agile Process.

    Now we have accelerated development, implementation and testing of our new software and projects significantly, in particular due to the high-performance and very flexible super VCS tools. Plastic SCM is great tool and very fast.

  • Nucleus Logic

    Australia Site: www.nucleuslogic.com

    Nucleus Logic

    Nucleus Logic Pty Ltd Provides an online, order management system, for SME wholesaling and light manufacturing.

    Our company is based in Melbourne Australia, however our main development team is in Jakarta Indonesia, with another developer in Czech Republic. Developers were and are still using their own IDE’s, mixing from Notepad++ to Visual Studio, then posting code to our development server. We had no version control or history of any of our code base.

    We now have a full history of all code developed for our platform. We know exactly which programmer has written which line of code, we know exactly what changes they have made to our code, and most importantly we have enabled full independent development, where changes from multiple developers can now be integrated in a controlled manor. We previously had a lot of issues with changes from different developers just replacing each other’s code.

    The GUI is very intuitive and easy to use. As a manager, the reporting provides valuable insights into developer productivity and adherence to KPI’s.

  • KSG Leiterplatten

    Germany Site: www.ksg.de

    KSG Leiterplatten

    KSG Leiterplatten GmbH is a German manufacturer of printed circuit boards. The IT department in our company is customizing standard products as well as developing inhouse software for the company's special requirements. For this reason we are dealing with varying platforms (Windows, Linux), development languages (C#, Progress, Java, VB, Bash...) and development enviromnents (Visual Studio, Eclipse).

    We have been using Plastic SCM since 2011. It's great, that it provides integration for all of our environments. We are organizing development using sub branches. The Branch Explorer is an excellent tool for managing different branches. Furthermore the merge tool is a very good help in bringing changes together. The console tool supports us in automation like updating the workspace during nightly builds. The rich set of capabilities combined with a nice-looking and very user-friendly user interface is the reason why we have chosen Plastic SCM.

  • ReplyBuy

    USA Site: www.replybuy.com

    Unit 4 games

    ReplyBuy believes it can solve the problem of unsold inventory for professional sports teams and venues. By creating a simple and more effective way for teams to reach their fans, and at the same time making it super fast and easy for fans to buy tickets, we can drive more ticket sales. ReplyBuy is the first of its kind to enable instant purchasing via SMS.

    Plastic is the most intuitive source control software I've ever used. The simple UI takes the complexity and confusion out of SC, and streamlines our development process. So easy, you'd think its magic! Thanks for this amazing product!

  • Tribe Studios

    Malaysia Site: www.tribe-studios.com

    Tribe Studios

    Tribe Studios Pte. Ltd. is a serious games and simulation company, and our team consists of 15 developers, doing both PHP and Unity3D development. We first started with a team of 2 and over the past years we have been gradually building up our human resources.

    As our team grew, we were looking for a source control solution. It was easy to set up Plastic SCM, and the visual GUI helps us to manage our branches effortlessly. We are impressed with Plastic SCM and the tools that come along with it, with the ability for Plastic SCM to handle large projects with many binary files. We will continue to use it as part of our workflow.

  • NetLearning

    NetLearning, originally a division of Cengage Learning, was divested and acquired in 2012 from HealthcareSource. We develop a talent/learning management suite of solutions marketed to the healthcare industry.

    Prior to our acquisition, our team at Cengage Learning consisted of 6 developers using Microsoft SourceSafe for our source control solution. It was obvious that this solution was counterproductive to our needs and we started evaluating other SCM's. After our evaluation, we unanimously decided that Plastic SCM was a superb solution since it handled advanced merging, branching, change tracking and the creating of shelve sets. This allowed for our development efforts to speed up and deliver more solutions to our clients faster.

    Over the last few years we occasionally reached out to Codice Software (makers of Plastic SCM), for assistance with specific issues that we needed help on. I can't say enough about Pablo Santos and his team! They always go above and beyond the call for help and assistance. Once time we accidently deleted a repository of code and then locked out all developers with a bad permission set. Unfortunately, this happened on New Year's Eve and I contacted Pablo and his team in a panic. They once again, responded within the hour to our needs with a solution to get our repository and permissions back! You can't get any better than this!!

    We encourage other small and large teams to evaluate Plastic SCM and see how it will speed up your delivery of software as it has done for us.

  • Redpin Localization Solutions

    Italy Site: www.redpin.eu

    Redpin Localization Solutions

    Redpin develops Babylon.NET, a localization solution for .NET developers.

    We switched to Plastic SCM from Team Foundation Server over a year ago and never regretted it. Plastic is simply much better in every aspect. We especially like the visual branch manager which finally gave us a clear understanding of all our branches.

    We are also very pleased with the diff/merge features and the Visual Studio integration. As a distributed team we rely heavily on Plastic’s excellent and easy to setup multi‐site capabilities. Overall Plastic is much easier to configure and maintain for a small team.

  • CCMA (audiovisual media)

    Spain Site: http://www.ccma.cat/

    Fusion Blue

    We are a group of four developers working in management software in CCMA (audiovisual media). We use JIRA, Eclipse, and Bamboo.

    Before switching to Plastic SCM it was hard to work in different issues when same classes where involved in both issues and we had to merge them.

    Now it’s much easier to refactor and make little changes which affect a lot of files without the fear of having problems merging them later. The use of a branch per task in order to solve different issues without interferences between them is a great benefit for us.

    The most we like about Plastic SCM are the merge and compare files tools and the facility of changing between branches.

  • Rolls Royce Nuclear Services

    UK Site: www.rolls-royce.com/customers/nuclear.aspx

    Rolls Royce Nuclear Services

    Ensure the correct source code version for a Visual Studio C++ project was used when building a software release, and ensuring a small team of 3 developers were all correctly using the latest source code. This was originally managed using Microsoft’s SourceSafe, which is now no longer supported.

    Now, with Plastic SCM, is very easy to use the GUI which makes it so easy to review previous builds of a project, and ensure all the team are up to date with the latest version of the project code. Ideal for software auditing and archiving. The branch facility is ideal for individual users to work on a specific development/bug.

    The GUI is fantastic for viewing the development of a project, with labels being used to identify builds, branches used to work on bugs. It makes auditing a much easier task to face.

  • Fusion Blue

    Italy Site: www.fusionblue.net

    Fusion Blue

    We use Plastic to manage some of our cloud‐based web solutions and Windows‐based desktop software targeted to the small business market.

    Plastic is an incredibly valuable tool for developers, even in small teams like ours: its powerful UI, its distributed capabilities and its standards‐based foundations allowed to leverage both our existing investments and knowledge.

    Plastic allowed us to focus on the development of our products reducing time spent on management of specific toolsets and allowed us to approach a more agile development process thanks to its support for concepts like the branch‐per‐task pattern.

  • Softwel

    Belgium Site: www.softwel.be


    We have been using Plastic SCM since 2012.

    We are trying to help those that help others. The majority of our customers are organizations that work with mentally challenged people. Our goal is to make software that supports them in their daily business, so that they have more time and resources to focus on what really matters. A digital diary for example, that improves communication between caretakers. Or a schedule in which they can manage appointments and tasks.

    Before switching to Plastic SCM, we used Visual Sourcesafe. We found it difficult to manage branching as we had no clear view on it. It was also harder to work on the same project with more developers at the same time, because merging was a lot more cumbersome.

    At the time, we were looking for a tool that was easy to setup and use, that was a reliable safe keeper of our code, and that would allow us to work more closely together as a team. Plastic SCM delivers all of this with ease.

    It proved itself to be a solid cornerstone in our software development projects.

  • Maxeta Technologies

    USA Site: www.maxetatech.com

    Maxeta Technologies

    Maxeta Technologies is a provider of custom enterprise level software solutions; integrating business intelligence with workflow automation, through seamless “access anywhere” web applications. Following concepts of API driven development, with modularization and extensibility at the core, our code base is wide, but concise.

    Given the diverse and distributed nature of our development team, Plastic SCM was a natural fit from the start. Whether at one of our offices, or a client site, or even at home, developers are able to work untethered and unrestricted to maximize productivity while preserving the chain of revisions.

    The robust branching, merging, and permissions supplied by Plastic allows our developers to keep clean, well defined, code sets while also providing an excellent means for experimentation on “local only” branches. At the same time integration managers are able to easily locate code review requests from within Plastic, approve and perform merges, and sync everything with appropriate labels to centralized servers for nightly builds and companywide replication.

    Overall Plastic is very intuitive and appeals not only to our veteran “keyboard commandos” who enjoy the terse command line access, but also our newer developers (especially interns and co-ops) who are able to ease into the DVCS with its quality cross-platform GUI. The branch explorer’s ability to visualize the entire project (including remote change sets) is absolutely the best part about the GUI.

    Thank you Codice for developing such an amazing product! We look forward to what the future holds.

  • Romico GmbH

    Germany Site: www.romico.de


    ROMICO GmbH was founded in 2003. We develop software under the slogan "...Connecting Worlds" – for facilitating everyday telecommunication processes.

    Since we migrated to Plastic SCM we can work much faster and much more efficiently than before. The diagram (Branch Explorer) Plastic SCM uses to present repository content is perfectly clear to understand and work with. It is interactive and it lets you create branches and merge them easily without making a slightest impression of ambiguity. Plastic SCM performs very well on an Internet connection, supports multiple kinds of database backends and works with Continuous Integration Servers. Above all, it is very easy to learn and really simple to work with.

  • Xtratic studios

    Canada Site: XtraticStudios.com

    Xtratic studios is a small indie game company from Toronto Canada. We started this studio in 2014 in the hope of creating the games we always wanted to play, while also following our passions for programming and video games. For the last year we have been working on our first game called Intertwined. Intertwined is a first person survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future, created in unity3D.

    When we first started using unity3D we ended up using unity3D's own version control system to help us combine builds. However, over time, we realized that this system was not what we needed as it caused constant problems and headaches. That's when we learned about Plastic SCM. Plastic does the job perfectly for us. It seamlessly integrates with Unity3D, and provides us a great deal of tools to help us combine our builds. Now on a daily basis, we can merge builds together, branch out and ever go to previous builds of the game with near to no effort. Plastic has allowed us to stop stressing about merging our work in unity3D, and allows us to work on the task at hand, instead of struggling with combining work we already have done.

  • BoldBrick

    Czech Republic Site: www.boldbrick.com


    We had Subversion. It worked pretty fine, including tools like TortoiseSVN and a few web-based systems like Trac. However, for a bigger team working on many features in parallel Subversion lacked the ability to create branches and merge them back into the trunk easily.

    Definitelly, using Plastic, task-based branching is the most appealing concept, together with merging that actually works most of the time. However, our approach to using branches is still a bit different from the pure branch-per-task concept, the usability for us is far better than with Subversion.

    Personally I like the "centralized DVCS concept", too. I'm not a big fan of anything highly decentralized in corporate environments. I understand the benefits of e.g. Git and Mercurial for open source stuff, but when doing enterprise software my expectations as a CEO are different. I need reliability, traceability, clearly identified changesets (human-readable and short (!) sequential (!) numbers), plus anything that helps remove any kind of developer frustration is a plus.

    We’re using Visual Studio, Atlassian JIRA, TeamCity, together with Plastic SCM. Our developers say: “Branch Explorer is the best. Design of branching is realy excellent.”, and “Merging of files is also good.”

  • Colormatrix Europe LTD

    UK Site: www.colormatrix.com

    After struggling with horrible CVS & SVN implementations we decided to move to a source control system that had fully visual management. We evaluated four different solutions and Plastic SCM was the obvious stand out as being easy to implement, excellently reviewed, actively developed and easy to use.

    It did necessitate a few changes in how we worked - adapting to Plastic's branch-per-task method and learning to trust algorithmic merging for instance. However that is a change absolutely worth making - branch-per-task is such a breath of fresh air for most developers.

    That's due in no small part to the Branch Explorer, which is a wonder to use and brings clarity when keeping track of developments, but also the fantastic merge/diff engine. Being able to see clearly where a change or code removal happened and resolve them at the same time has never been so straightforward. The distributed nature of the client-server setup also means assisting other developers is easier than ever for us, even if working remotely or using the peer review system.

    I have no problems recommending Plastic to teams of any size, but especially for smaller teams - it's a tool built by developers, for developers.

  • Smart Business & I.T Solutions

    India Site: www.sbits.co

    I had spent ample time to research and compare several version control systems in the market. I found Plastic SCM with the most positive reviews and I started to try my hand at it.

    I was so thrilled to explore the various features and it was very simple to get started. Since then I have not looked back at any other version control tool.

    For a software start up company like mine, the advantages of using Plastic SCM is immense. This software suits my requirements 100% and I am thoroughly satisfied. The branch per task feature is simply the BEST one and only available with this software. The branch merging is very simple and fast. Reviewing the changes is so easy and reporting activities is just fantastic.

    I am glad to have introduced my client and colleagues to this software and I have not heard anybody been disappointed by the product.

  • Unit 4 games

    Germany Site: www.unit4games.com

    Unit 4 games

    Unit 4 games is a small, independent game development company. It was founded in January 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. We develop video games for many console platforms, original games as well as work for hire. The founders are veterans of the German industry with a track record back to 1987.

    Plastic SCM is actually usable by artists and designers. Easy to set up and use, the everyday tasks are fast to perform ‐ whilst the not‐so‐everyday tasks can also be managed by the less technically experienced users.

    We used separate version control systems for code and art assets in the past because we couldn't find a tool that serves both needs well ‐ now, Plastic is that tool so now we can branch code and data together, a BIG relieve.

  • HSI

    Poland Site: www.hsi.pl


    We have been using Plastic SCM for 2 years and never regretted switching from SVN. Effortless branching and merging combined with simple and intuitive graphical interface are the strongest advantages of this great SCM.

    Ease of integration should also be mentioned: we managed to connect JIRA, Jenkins and Reviewboard together with Plastic as a central point of our development ecosystem which allowed us to use the best development patterns within our team.

  • Apex Remington, Inc.

    Canada Site: www.apexdistribution.com/remington.php

    Apex Remington, Inc

    Apex Remington, Inc. is a supply company for the oil and gas industry, selling pipes, valves, and other oilfield equipment to oil and gas drillers and distributors. Our IT team supports the company by developing and maintaining an ERP managing purchasing, sales, inventory, and accounting. As a wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded company, we are required to submit to SOx rules. This requires detailed permission sets, as well as complete auditability.

    Plastic SCM is one of the only products we saw that allowed us to set permissions at the branch level. We also love the quick branch and merge techniques, which allow us to use branch per feature development. The merge tools in Plastic mean it is easy to merge after branching 10‐20 times and changing code in every branch. Most of the merges are 100% automatic, and only require cursory review. Branching and merging has improved our team performance significantly over the old TFS source control.

    We currently use Plastic to manage our entire ERP source code. Our primary development is in Visual Studio, developing on ASP.NET and C#. Our Continuous Integration server does not easily support Plastic, so the synchronization with Git means we can easily mirror our repository and expose the Git server for more effective use of CI tools. Furthermore, the administration time of the Plastic server is effectively nil. We built the server two years ago, and it just works ‐ no muss, no fuss.

  • Xervika Information Technology

    Spain Site: www.xervika.com

    Xervika Information Technology

    We’re a Sage ERP X3 distributor. Our job consist on doing Sage X3 modifications, customizations and parameterizations to our clients. We provide custom X3 development like web and intranet sites, and support from mobile and industrial devices.

    We use Visual Basic .net, Visual Basic 6, JAVA, ASP.NET, 4GL and Android. JIRA is our task manager.

    Plastic is a great help to us. We’ve been trusting in Codice Software since its beginning.

    We normally have teams working in the same project so we need a tool able to manage every developer’s work.

    And Plastic does all we need. The DVCS feature is mandatory to us because Plastic lets us work offline and synchronize then all our work.

  • BrighterGames GmbH


    We founded the company in 2013 and the Plastic SCM software has been a part of our team ever since.

    The integration for the Unity3D Engine works very comfortable and the whole team profits from the tool. Not only are the programmers able to work on the same code simultaneously but even assets and art files are distributed and managed easily (even the very large ones!).

    We have yet to encounter any severe problems. If something does go wrong it is usually a simple user error, fixed in seconds without deep knowledge of server or database management, just using the build in administration tools.

    We will continue to use Plastic SCM because we trust it and there is no better alternative for game and software development! Do you even branch?

  • Reinvent Data Limited

    United Kingdom Site: www.reinventdata.com

    Reinvent Data Limited

    Reinvent Data Limited was founded in 2008 and develops data analytics software for the audit industry.

    We have been using Plastic SCM for the last 2 years, and it has made a significant improvement to the way that we work. Plastic SCM is very straight forwards to use, and the transition to this way of working was easy. The greatest benefit to us is the Diff Tool, which allows us to see exactly which bits of code have been changed, and therefore assess the impact and testing requirements following changes by the development team.

    We also make significant use of the branching/merging functionality. Many of the functions of our software are largely stand‐alone, and this allows us to develop new features in a separate branch (often several ongoing at the same time), and once we are ready for a new release we can merge back in only those new features we wish to include in that particular build, leaving those still under development out.

    Even with a very small team of developers, I would totally recommend using Plastic SCM.

  • SoftStory

    Poland Site: www.softstory.pl


    In Softstory company we design and produce parental control software.

    In the old days before Plastic SCM, we used rusty SourceSafe but a few years ago as many companies did, we realized its features were not sufficient for our needs and we should move with the times and switch to Version Control Software which would allow us to create branches and so on. So of course we started our journey with Git - the proud market leader. But after a few months it turned out that this journey was not very pleasant. We tried hard to get necessary knowledge about Git from the Internet but still from time to time someone made an improper move and something unexpected and surprising happened that made us perspire for long tedious hours to undo and to put everything back in order.

    So I decided to buy a proper book in hope of gathering required information from an authorized source. However when the book arrived I became surprised and even angry to see that the book had 328 pages! From this I started thinking that something is wrong with this Git - this is not the right tool for everyone. It is unacceptable for me to put so much effort into learning how to use - what is in truth - a supplementary tool.

    As a result of this experience we decided to look for another solution and we found Plastic SCM. After a short practical introduction and glance at the online manual we know everything we need to know. From this time on we are very pleased with SCM and no slip ups have happened to now.

    Despite its simple interface and user friendliness it has powerful capabilities and all necessary features. I would recommend SCM Plastic to anyone who wants to get things done quickly and efficiently without struggling with clumsy and time consuming software.

  • Compuna

    Plastic SCM has been our choice after examining all other alternatives in the market. Plastic SCM capabilities quite overwhelmed us and they are by far the greatest.

    The different project distribution alternatives encapsulate any scenario, flow, company structure or security measure a product life cycle might encounter (whether if you are working agile or others).

    The GUI is fantastic, intuitive, and very quickly learned by new users. The task branches capabilities, smart merging tools and other propriety features let us work in a very smooth and efficient way without wearing or thinking too much of critical paths impact.

    There is a great support system with super quick replies, and many more good surprises in this valuable product. Of course I'm bias ‐ I'm using Plastic SCM!

    Thank you for giving us plastic SCM. A product that has been greatly and deeply thought about everything (and beyond)!!! (use cases, usability, scale and efficiency). The best tool we ever met.

  • HealthCast

    USA Site: gohealthcast.com


    HEALTHCAST provides award-winning software solutions for physicians, nurses, and other clinicians that help them quickly and securely access the information they need to care for their patients.

    Our solutions provide secure access and unparalleled speed to EHRs, virtual, and clinical desktops, convenient fast-user switching, automated workflow eliminating "clicks", unique proximity badge features, optional PIN, remote access solutions with second factor authentication, and "roaming sessions" to allow users immediate re-access to their work at any computer - all critical for successful clinician adoption of EHRs, CPOE, and electronic patient documentation.

    Our Plastic story begins with a migration away from CVS. I evaluated several solutions, including TFS, Mercurial, GIT and Plastic. For our development needs, Plastic was and is the clear winner. The GUI is phenomenal in comparison to each of the other tools evaluated, and the speed is un-paralleled. I did a couple of informal tests for speed of our repositories for CHECK OUT of a branch - CVS takes 15-20 minutes to check out a branch of this project. Plastic does the same job in about 2 minutes. (Tests were run in VMs on the same hardware) That saves me about 13-18 minutes where I can actually do work instead of twiddle my thumbs. It also cut our build times in half, and helps get our testing rolling much more quickly than our legacy system. I couldn't be happier with the switch.

    And, as if that wasn't enough, the Branch Explorer is a must have feature I didn't know I was missing. It gives us complete visibility over changes and team activity, coupled with amazing integration with other 3rd party project management tools - no other product even comes close.

    Plastic SCM completely changed how we do development and maintenance on our products. Highly Visual, Super Performing, Incredible Integration - everything a development team needs!

  • BECS Technology, Inc.

    USA Site: www.becs.com

    BECS Technology, Inc.

    We mainly design and manufacture industrial controllers for customers in the aquatics, refrigeration, and agricultural fields. For example, our BECSys line of water chemistry controllers. Everything is done in-house in St. Louis Missouri, from the engineering to circuit board production and product cases.

    Our main problem before switching to Plastic SCM was that we wanted to be able to organize our version control into a more of a task-based format. Previously, we were simply checking in and checking out/locking files in the projects. Nobody could work on a locked file while somebody else had it in use.

    The main benefit we see so far is the increased visibility of assigned tasks and branch history/changes.

    We are using Visual Studio, GCC, and for one project a specialized embedded toolchain for the Ez80 processor.

    What I personally like best about Plastic is the fantastic GUI. It's intuitive and powerful, and makes it easy to see the big picture at a glance.

  • Freelance developers.


    We are an Indonesian team of people from different companies that develop some freelance project.

    Why Plastic SCM helps: It saves significant time to merge developer’s source code. Plastic SCM has the best and user‐friendly Graphical UI compared to than other version control products.

  • Syntra West vzw

    Belgium Site: www.syntrawest.be

    Syntra West

    We are developing software and websites for a non-profit organization who offers training courses so that our clients can expand their potential.

    In the past we have been working on a linear track with Microsoft Source Safe, so we were not able to work on different branches, our developers had to wait on others before critical release could be published.

    Working with Plastic SCM lets us keep a good visual sight of our projects and management is easy to follow. We can see who did what and when on which project, when it was released, what is the history of a file. So all these items are a great benefit in our developing path.

    In our Windows environment we moistly use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015; in Mac that’s Dreamweaver and Brackets.

    We like the easy setup, it’s learning path is easy and for us it’s important that there is an integration with Mac so our designers don’t have to use a virtual windows environment to handle their source control.

    Thank you Codice for developing such an amazing product! We look forward to what the future holds.

  • ArtePack S.L.U.

    Spain Site: www.artepack.net

    ArtePack Sistemas de marcaje S.L.U.

    We are a small company that develops different types of software applications and sales label printers and warehouse devices.

    We decided to use Plastic SCM because of its user‐friendly way of work that it’s better than the other version control systems we evaluated. Plastic has a nice GUI and it integrates quite good with several IDEs.

  • Callscripter

    United Kingdom Site: www.callscripter.com


    CallScripter is the global software leader in dramatically increasing contact centre business performance by ensuring agents provide a consistent customer experience and service at all times.

    Delivering the most advanced and telephony platform independent agent scripting application worldwide, CallScripter enables the small or large enterprise to streamline contact centre operations, reduce cost, adhere to compliance regulations and improve efficiency for a holistic customer journey across all touch points.

    We've found Plastic SCM to be a great help in our monthly build cycle, keeping track of each month's changes on a task by task basis, and allowing us to create maintenance branches with ease.

  • Koboldgames GmbH

    Switzerland Site: www.koboldgames.ch

    Koboldgames GmbH

    Koboldgames GmbH was founded in 2012. We design and develop games. We love experimenting with new mechanics to bring fun and motivation into learning, exercising, repeating or otherwise demotivating must‐do's and almost every other part of life that needs to be more compelling. Each of our products is handmade, tailored to serve a special purpose and being a fresh experience for the player. At heart our games have a focus on story, originality and ambience.

    Plastic SCM brings several great features we like. We like the fact that Plastic SCM can handle large files and repositories. The visual branch manager is excellent, our graphic designers can use it with ease. Furthermore we like the fact that it’s easy to give an external person limited access to certain projects.

    We use Plastic SCM for versioning our Unity3D projects with all project assets. That includes large textures, quest databases even movies.

  • Nerd Corps Interactive

    Canada Site: nerdcorps.com

    Nerd Corps Interactive

    As mobile game developers we work in a very agile, very multidisciplinary environment. Plastic SCM's ease of branching and merging permits our artists and designers to get new prototypes into their own branches in a matter of seconds, and its excellent GUI permits everyone on the team to navigate these branches without needing any specialized knowledge. Its Diff tools make it easy to find out who's working on what, so merging each member's work back into our weekly build is straightforward (and if anything goes wrong, the issues are easy to diagnose).

    Plastic SCM makes our studio run smoother. Nobody is afraid of their version control system anymore; everyone gets to focus on their creative work rather than their repository, and that's a valuable thing.

  • Cardea Software

    Canada Site: www.cardeasoftware.com

    Cardea Software

    CARDEA Software develops and supports specialized medical software. Our primary solution handles laboratory data management and reporting for Echocardiography, Stress Test, and Stress Echocardiography.

    Having used several well known VCS solutions out there, Plastic SCM has proven to be a gem. We selected Plastic SCM for its solid branching and merging capabilities. The line up of tools offer intuitive user interfaces that greatly enhance our daily tasks of diffs and merges. Integration with Visual Studio is also a big bonus and works seamlessly.

    Since our switch to Plastic SCM, our merges have been mostly automatic. This alone was a major factor in considering Plastic SCM since our team favours the branch per feature workflow. The replication process when working offline is very quick and easy to setup!

    Thank you Codice Software!

  • Sabre Bytes Robotics

    Canada Site: www.sabrerobotics.com

    Sabre Bytes Robotics

    We are part of FIRST robotics and the purpose of our project is to build a robot to complete a certain task in 6 weeks.

    Sabre Bytes Robotics spent nearly a year testing out different SCMs (git, mercurial) and found that we couldn’t have many developers working on the code at the same time due merge conflicts when trying to combine our code. It didn’t matter how specific the workflow was. Our main issue was trying to get everyone involved and for everyone to have the best experience possible.

    Plastic SCM’s brilliant GUI and merge algorithms have allowed us to have multiple students working on the code at the same time. As well as allowing us to place specific restrictions on branches to protect sensitive or important code.

    We are using Eclipse with the wpilibj plugin in order to write our robot code. We are also using Sublime Text to code some python as a backend for a side project we are working on.

    I like the seamless merge the most in Plastic. I never seem to have a problem even when two people have worked on the same file.

  • Pager Power

    England Site: www.pagerpower.com

    Pager Power

    Pager Power was founded in 1997 and is based in England. We provide planning solutions for radar interference, radio telecommunications, airport obstructions and renewable energy.

    Plastic SCM is an important tool that helps us to manage our developers, particularly with outside contractors involved. When we first looked at Plastic SCM we could quickly see that for us there was nothing even close in terms of the GUI presented. Branch explorer alone saves us so much time and in all the years using Plastic SCM we have never hit any issues with merging etc. or with any of the diff tools.

    Plastic SCM is a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of SVN.

  • AgfirstBOP

    New Zealand Site: www.agfirstbop.co.nz


    AgfirstBOP provide high quality horticultural services and solutions. All our system is based on web base however we have android app and Hardware related device (GPS Tracking and device abstraction).

    We have been use Plastic SCM from 2011 and it has very nice GUI branch manager.

    Plastic SCM is very easy to use. There’s no need to explain to new guy.

    All developers live in/with Plastic SCM every day and love this tool and no issue with last 3 years.

    What else I can say?

  • DSG Corp

    Mexico Site: www.dsgcorp.com.mx


    DSG Corp was founded in 2008. We provide custom software development to meet the needs in the automation processes of our clients. We are focused on financial sector.

    We use the branch‐per‐task model and Plastic SCM is a flexible tool that lets us create branches with ease. The Branch Explorer is awesome. And the Merge and Diff tools are very powerful and they allow us to do parallel development without any conflict during the process.

    The revision history feature is another great point that makes a difference between Plastic and any other version control system. It’s very useful to us because we don’t lose any piece of code even if somebody makes a mess.

    The evolution of Plastic since its 3.0 version has been great. I hope that we can use this amazing tool for a long time.

    Nowadays we have multiple repositories. The main repository is for our product which is developed using ASP.NET MVC 3 with VB.NET + jQuery + HTML5.

  • Rewardy

    Israel Site: www.rewardy.com


    Rewardy develops a Loyalty & Pre‐paid/Gift card platform which integrates with the Payment processing terminal (or with the Cash register) and helps SMB's to effectively manage and retain their customers and improve their cash flow.

    We have been successfully using Plastic SCM for 3 years now, on both Windows and on Linux with each developer running his own server and an additional server used for synchronization. We love the product in general and the Branch explorer with its ability to do everything right from the UI. We are still back on the version we use but plan to migrate to the latest one soon.

    The guys at Codice Software are real Pros, their product is great and the support that goes with it has so far been excellent in both response time and quality. Oh! They are also pleasant to communicate with :)

  • Integritec (UK) Limited

    United Kingdom Site: www.integritec.co.uk

    Integritec (UK) Limited was founded in 2007. We provide technical consultancy and custom B2B software development.

    The reason we originally chose and continue to use Plastic SCM is the way that it lends itself to branch‐per‐task source control.

    We also find the Branch Explorer view very helpful in visualising the current state of work across the team. Good integration with Visual Studio is a bonus; we develop a number of desktop software products in addition to multiple PHP web apps.

  • SakerGames

    Romania Site: www.sakergames.com


    We are a small indie team, called SakerGames.

    We've tried several version control tools. 2 years ago we started with SVN, but that quickly got out of control :) Back then we were 7 people working in the team. Then we used Git, and finally got organized, but unfortunately it can't handle large assets with good performance. We had a lot of large files and we've been using SourceTree for Git, because of the nice UI, but the performance quickly got poor. It was hard to branch and commit often due to its slowness, so we checked out Plastic SCM.

    Its performance is amazing. We like the intelligent merge tools and the nice branch tree visualization also. We are using Unity free edition mainly, so no Plastic integration, but we are happy with the external Plastic window too. We got used to it, and it looks better than Unity. :)

  • Timoun - Supinfogame Rubika

    France Site: www.rubika-edu.com/

    Timoun - Supinfogame Rubika

    With 8 students from Supinfogame Rubika, we work on an Adventure/RPG game called Timoun. The game is an ode to childhood, and will give you the insight on a group of imaginative kids treasure hunting on their tropical home island.

    The game is developed with Unity3D since October 2016 until June 2017.

    With a team of diverse profiles (programmers/artists/designers), we required an efficient source control solution, and chose Plastic for its user friendly GUI. We use it to synchronise our work files and to handle our Unity3D project.

    The optimal navigation and simple branching tool, allows the whole team to use it flawlessly to share their daily work. With a few clicks and no merging stress, everyone can get access to new features, new integrated assets, and so on. Seeing the whole projects advancement is a huge boost for the team's moral and overall productivity. It drastically reduces the amount of time spent with source control and data management, and allows us to focus on making the game.

  • CuriosiTeam - Supinfogame Rubika

    France Site: www.rubika-edu.com/

    Timoun - Supinfogame Rubika

    CuriosiTeam is a student team based at SupinfoGame Rubika in Valenciennes, France. In the course of our fifth and final year, we must work on a game project all year long. We are a group of 7 students working on Curiosity, a narrative-exploration game where the player is cast as a robot, sent on the mysterious Planet 9 to uncover its secrets.

    Previously, we had members of our team who were uneasy and not confident with versioning tools because of problems which occurred when using this kind of software (lost work, complicated to use…), especially for our artists.

    I discovered Plastic SCM during an internship and was seduced by its simplicity, its ergonomy and, in particular, its efficiency. When proposed to the team, everyone was quickly convinced. Indeed, the interface makes it easy for new (and all) users and the branch explorer view is a great tool for game development, thanks to its intuitiveness. Overall, our workflow and our productivity was greatly improved!

    We are using Unreal Engine 4 for our project and the plugin developed by Codice Software allows us to use Plastic SCM nearly to its full potential (as well as being easy to setup), thus being an invaluable help!

    As a Project Leader, an efficient tool, which all the team is happy and motivated to use, eases my stress, my workload and creates a better workplace.

  • Chris Bellini

    United Kingdom

    We are building a first person puzzle based graphic adventure. The game engine is being built in Unity 5, with the scripting being done in C#.NET using Visual Studio 2015. We are using Mixamo to build the character models, and Blender to do all other modelling. Sounds are being processed using Audacity.

    Our team is spread about the world, and trying to version the binary resources required was really difficult. The larger files we were simply versioning by hand using folders.

    With Plastic we can now version all of our assets and codebase together, and no longer have to worry about mismatches between a code repo and a separate set of binary resources.

    Plastic SCM is the only tool we’ve found that properly manages versioning all of our source code and assets for a given build into a single place. The Gluon has also become indispensable when looking back over previous versions of binary files.

  • Wim van der Vegt

    Netherlands Site: www.vander-vegt.nl

    I develop and maintain multiple desktop applications with Visual Studio, one of them is running world‐wide at large multinationals while (most) others are open source at CodePlex like GhostBuster or for the Open University of the Netherlands. Most software I develop alone but recently I’ve added a C# component suite which I write in a team of two developers. I use the Plastic SCM Community Edition for all these projects.

    Before using Visual Studio I used Borland Delphi 7 together with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for quite some years. I got very used to the (exclusive) checkout feature if VSS, where files check‐out are modified and checking in does not require merges.

    When I finally switched to Visual Studio the search for a replacement started, as VSS was aging rapidly. After some adventures with CVS, Subversion, TFS, Git and Mercurial I started searching for something with a decent user‐interface that would allow me to continue my way of working on a check‐out base. Git and Mercurial are great but they force merges, pulls and other things even when you’re a single developer. Even with simple operations I tended to run into problems. I also dislike having lots of files lingering around in my project like the case in CVS, Git and Mercurial.

    After a long search, I accidently came across Plastic SCM a couple of years ago. After reading the ideas behind Plastic SCM I realized this was the correct tool for me for a number of reasons.

    Most important is that although Plastic SCM is distributed, it does not enforce this as ‘your new way of life’ as it can do the whole range from VSS alike exclusive check‐out to distributed version control. Even importing the history of my active projects from VSS went quite well.

    I also liked the use of SQL databases for storage as this eliminates a lot of files lingering around and makes back‐ups very easy. I use the Compact SQL for storage where a repository is just a single file. For my two developer team I simply setup an intermediate Plastic SCM server on my Windows Home Server and made it accessible through SSH.

    When working with Plastic SCM the best feature is having a decent graphical client. Merging is done graphically in the branch explorer. Merging is most of the time easy (project files and embedded images in resource file excluded) and with addition of Semantic Merge things get even easier as finding the differences is much less complex.

    Syncing with Git and TFS is fairly easy to setup (once you know the syntax), so I use Plastic SCM to manage my TFS and Git based CodePlex projects and sync them with a simple batch file.

    Other unique features include the option to edit comments (so you can get rid of pesky typo’s after a commit).

    Finally let’s not forget the very responsive support forum.

    And after 3 years of extensive usage, still many more Plastic SCM features to discover.

  • Figure of Eight

    United Kingdom

    Figure of Eight is a student team based at The University of Abertay Dundee. In the course of our studies we work for external Clients, in our case the Carnegie Trust.

    In the past we have used SVN for our Source Control, and whilst this worked for our programmers quite well, the various GUI interfaces available to us weren't particularly user friendly, especially for our Art Team.

    After searching for a few weeks, we came across Plastic SCM and immediately fell in love with the workflow and interface. It suited our needs perfectly and solved many of the issues we had using source control software both in a university environment (restricted user access) and working at home (on Windows, Mac and Linux).

    We are using the Unity engine for our project, which is well known for its awkward setup when it comes to Source Control integration, but the process has been near seamless with Plastic which has taken a lot of stress off of me as Project Lead.

    Community tools like Command Runner have also allowed us to write our own helper tools saving valuable time which is already at a premium.

  • Aktion Associates

    USA Site: www.aktion.com

    Aktion Associates

    Aktion Associates is a business software VAR (value added reseller) that specializes in extending software products for specific customer business needs. We are composed of 4 people who utilize Plastic from a web design and developer aspect. Plastic SCM was introduced to use by a previous co-worker who enjoyed using the graphical interface that allowed the parallel source control paradigms in GIT.

    With Plastic, we are able to store and manage many different type of revisions for all our customers. With the branch setup, we are able to also organize the vendor releases of available source and quickly identify version changes at each individual file level. Specifically we utilize Plastic to store tomcat web application projects managed in Eclipse. While we do know that there is an integration, we do not use it simplify our work. The biggest benefit I get is the very good visibility and interface of branch management and code merging to organize our software solutions. With the interface and commenting system, we are able to track our work and share it amongst co-workers to quickly understand what changes have been made.

  • Glyph Games

    United Kingdom Site: www.glyphgames.co.uk/

    Glyph Games

    We're game development students working on our university and hobby projects.

    Our current main project is Penny Pursuit, made with Unity.

    The main reason we love working with Plastic is that it enables us to store all assets for our game in the same place - should that be audio, art, or code.

    It drastically reduces the amount of time spent with source control and data management, and allows us to focus on making the game.

  • Financial Systems Group


    The Financial Systems group is a small team in the Northern Territory Government responsible for business and application support of the Government’s financial systems.

    Supported applications include systems from 3rd party vendors as well as in‐house developments.

    After evaluating a number of SCM systems to replace Visual Sourcesafe we decided that Plastic was the standout product.

    Integration with Visual Studio and ease of use were important to us and Plastic has proven to be ideal for us.

    We currently use Plastic within Visual Studio to assist in the management of in‐house C# and VB .Net applications.

    The Plastic client is used to manage local customisations of a 3rd party application.

  • M.C.


    I initially started with Plastic on version 2.4. It was my first foray into version control, and was a fantastic introduction. The GUI tool has always been a key element in Plastic, and for someone with little knowledge/experience of source control, it was an incredibly easy interface to begin working with, visually understanding the branch relations and the development flow. In fact, I would say this was the primary reason I made the purchase years ago... truly a wonderful UI. Many years later, the Branch Explorer is still my lifeline.

    Since those early days, I've watched Plastic grow very quickly with great features being added incrementally/constantly. While it has always been fast, it has managed to be even faster during that time, to the point where I never would even consider my source control as a limitation to my development.

    The UI has managed to get even better. I dare‐say, the sexiest source control UI out there (if such a thing could exist!).

    Merging has become incredibly good as well. I'm sometimes surprised how it's able to correctly assess the proper changes to be made in sometimes incredibly messy merges, and what isn't done automatically the fantastically designed diff tool makes manual assistance a breeze. In fact, the diff tool is easily one of the key tools in my testing process... utilized again and again as a means to quickly highlight code changes from changeset to changeset, or branch to branch.

    I hope to continue to be a Plastic user for many years to come and wish the Plastic team every success.

  • Nicholas Korn

    United States

    I first started using Plastic SCM while working with TitanIM. We were looking for a solution that worked well with both code and data files on a team that was distributed all over the world.

    When looking to find a solution for use on my hobby projects with friends I naturally gravitated towards the use of Plastic SCM. Compared to other version control systems I have used, Plastic has been extremely user friendly, and easy to set up.

    The friends I work with that have previously never used version control systems were able to quickly pick up the concepts and utilize the software. Attempting to set up git and svn to accomplish the same tasks would not have been so simple.

  • AMP

    Australia Site: www.amp.com.au


    We researched into a number of version control systems and narrowed down the search space to four systems.

    Plastic SCM was selected over the other version control systems because of its focus on user‐ friendliness and its ability to store repository files in an encrypted, human unreadable format.

    Plastic SCM is also popular and actively developed plus it can easily expand to unlimited number of users.