Do you have a suggestion? Something you’d like to see implemented on the next release of Plastic SCM? Then User Voice is the right place.

We actively monitor it and you’ll see how quick we get your requests implemented.

Some examples:

  • What about integration with IntelliJ?
  • Ability to sort the tabs on the GUI
  • Support for changelists in the client
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General questions

If you have a general question about how to setup Plastic SCM, how to improve your workflow or specific patterns and practices,
post it on Stack Overflow.

Some examples about appropriate questions:

  • How to set up a SQL Server backend?
  • Should I use feature branches?
  • How to automate replica between distant sites?
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We have an active forum site where Plastic SCM users ask questions, resolve doubts, share experiences and also if you think you’ve found a bug.

It is actively monitored and answered by the Plastic SCM developers too. Questions are answered immediately.

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If you are a paying customer you can create a new ticket on our support platform: Create a new ticket

We never close!

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