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Automate last mile DevOps

Plastic SCM is a full stack version control: branch, diff, merge, manage repos, work distributed or centralized. Plastic SCM has been providing a complete source code management since 2005. We want now to provide automation to your DevOps pipelines.

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From small studios to corporations with +3000 developers in Plastic SCM

Orchestrate DevOps from version control

Automate testing, merging, and CI with mergebots

Last mile DevOps automation with event-driven automated integrators

Move faster with rules-based bots that automate manual tasks

Automate almost 30% of all manual merges. From the remaining conflicting files, automate 80% of their merges too!

Remove complexity from CI: notifications, issue-tracking and integrations are triggered from version control

Trunkbot: A bot to enforce Trunk-based development

It monitors many short-lived, task branches. Setting the branch status to resolved triggers Trunkbot to poll issue trackers for permission to launch builds, run tests and CI. It will then notify the success or failure of the merges and updates the appropriate status in Slack, issue trackers... when completed. Let Trunkbot move your code from done to shipped to production automatically!

Conflictsbots: A DevOps medication

In the eventuality that the Merge Machine in the Plastic SCM server is unable to merge branches, Conflictsbot will immediately notify the users. Conflictsbot tracks all branches in a repo: when conditions are met, it will run dry-merges of them with main. If it requires manual intervention it will notify and change the branch status for you. Otherwise it's queued to be merged and shipped with Trunkbot!