Team Edition and Community Edition FAQ:

What is Plastic SCM Team Edition all about?

Team Edition is a special version of Plastic SCM for small teams up to 15 developers and it includes direct support and upgrades.

Team Edition removes some Plastic SCM features that are not relevant for small teams such as AD or LDAP integration, MS SQL Server backend, the high-scalability concurrency engine (important for huge teams but not needed for small ones) and high-bandwidth/high-latency network improvements.

What happens to existing Community Edition users on commercial teams?

Existing CE users will be able to continue using Plastic SCM CE for free. The current version will continue to work. Upgrades to newer releases will require a transition from CE to Team but with extra cost. CE upgrades will follow the Team License roadmap, therefore you may benefit of all new features, but restrictions will be applied too such as no AD, LDAP integration or MS SQL support, etc. By renewing your CE license you grant Codice Software the right to use your company name as a reference customer and a testimonial of the benefits using Plastic SCM will be required.

Is there any reason why my team should move from the current CE to Team Edition?

While you can certainly continue using CE for free, if you move to Team Edition you’ll get extra features and direct support from our awesome support team :-)

What are the payment methods?

You can pay online in our web site with credit card. Stripe payment platform handles the transactions. Stripe is in use in many reputed online services, such as Twitter. We do not store your credit card data. Besides the convenient subscription price it includes full direct support with less than 24h response time.

May I pay on a monthly basis?

Yes, your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can pay on a yearly basis too.

What if I want to pay for a full year subscription?

You will be charged on a yearly basis at $119/user per year, included full direct support.

How is my monthly license renewed?

Licenses can be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. The Plastic SCM server can be configured to retrieve new licenses on a monthly basis. You can cancel the recurrent payments at any moment. Just sign in to

What happen if my server cannot be connected to the Internet?

You can always install your license manually if you don’t want your server to retrieve it automatically.

How do I get my invoice?

You can access your invoices online. Just sign in to using your credentials to view and print the invoices.

How is my license activated?

Upon completion of your order and payment your license will be available to download at Alternatively you can configure your Plastic SCM server to automatically download the licenses using a “license token”.

What is the support service level agreement for the Team License?

You get full access to the support team and <24 hours response time.

What happen if I have 15 users and I need an extra one or more?

The Team Edition is meant for small teams and once you exceed this number you will need to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition.

You’ll need to purchase one license per developer, so if you now have 16 developers you’ll need 16 Enterprise licenses.

If you already paid for the Team Edition, we’ll discount it from the Enterprise Edition price.

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