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Method History for Subversion

Quickly find what happened to the specific code you are interested in.

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95% of the time you check the history of a file you’re looking for the changes you’ve done to a given method, aren’t you? Then you have to diff the files and locate the method yourself. It becomes a real nightmare if the method has been moved around in the file or if it has been heavily refactored.

And that’s why we’ve developed “method history”! Simply put: you right click on a method from Visual Studio, select “Show method history” and the plugin will locate all the occurrences of the method in the file’s history and when it changed and you can navigate the history focusing only on the method you’re looking for. It's C# only for now, but stay tuned because we are adding support for more languages right now.

We developed “method history” as part of our Plastic SCM version control system but now we’re sharing it with Subversion users to enhance their day to day operations and also introduce them to our technology.

How it works

"Method history" extracts the history of the file you're working on from Subversion and then goes through each of the individual revisions locating the method you're interested in.

What's next??

"Method history for Subversion" is just in its first release and only available for Visual Studio. The next steps we're considering are:

  • Add support for VB and Java and later C++.
  • Improve current C# support (it doesn't work with constructors yet).
  • Improve method search (being able to track renamed methods).
  • Eclipse plugin.

How to get it

Go to the download page and download the plugin. It installs in just a few seconds. Testing it can't be easier.

I want to see more!

"Method history" is one of our technology projects focused on what we call "language aware SCM". We started with XDiff and XMerge, now in its second generation and we will continue adding features, to better handle refactoring, moved code, and so on.

Send us feedback!

"Method history for Subversion" is still in beta so we really appreciate feedback through our forum (

Right now it only works for C# code, but we will be adding Visual Basic and Java support soon.