When the going gets tough

The tough get going

Every version control can create a few branches and perform a few merges. Very few can do it at enterprise scale. Don't take version control for granted. It is the operating system of software development.

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The most productive teams

What is Enterprise Edition

Plastic SCM Enterprise Edition is a full version control stack to handle the heavy load required by teams and corporations to implement their collaboration infrastructure and processes.

Version control is the single source of truth for DevOps. Continuous Integration systems, automated testing frameworks, Continuous Delivery software, issue trackers and project management tools, they all rely on the underlying version control to obtain data.

Under heavy-load scenarios many well-known version control crumble. It is easy to create a few branches on a small codebase. But it is a different game to branch in miliseconds a codebase of +700k files in a server attending thousands of concurrent users.

If you ever experienced that pain, then Enterprise Edition is for you.

Besides, Enterprise Edition is a full stack. It means it is not just an isolated service, it comes with the GUIs, diff and merge tools, admin tools and everything your company needs to successfully implement version control, in a single package provided by a single vendor. Every single piece engineered with high productivity in mind.

Learn how companies in your sector use Plastic SCM as the foundation to their DevOps strategies

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Who is using Enterprise Edition

From seasoned video game studios to huge teams in corporations in the automobile industry, Plastic covers a wide variety of teams and industries, all sharing a common requirement: a solid version control foundation for their software teams.

Companies in healthcare, insurance, finance, virtual reality, defense, government institutions and universities use Enterprise Edition to implement a solid version control foundation to their DevOps strategies.

Facepunch Studios
Digital Legends Entertainment

Here are some real situations that Enterprise Edition handles in those companies:

Serve thousands of repos

Serving +6000 repositories on a single corporate server to manage multiple project portfolios, including nested repository hierarchies. Attending fast +1500 developers across different geographies.

+3000 developers on a single server

Corporation with +3000 developers worldwide accessing a network of servers in centralized, distributed and multi-site scenarios.

Perform under heavy load

Heavy loaded server in video game companies performing fast under +1 million requests per hour downloading and storing GBs of data on a daily basis. Repositories served are in the +4TB range.

Branch huge codebases

Company with +500 developers contributing to a single codebase with +700k files on the working copy using task branches. This means hundreds of new branches created daily on the big codebase tree with zero impact in performance (branches are created in milliseconds independently of size).

Orchestrate DevOps

Teams using mergebots to orchestrate DevOps and avoiding broken builds. Plastic mergebots implement a consistent way to test merged code before the merge is confirmed, which avoids broken builds like no other CI/CD system can. mergebots support Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity and an always growing list of CD solutions.

Locking & branching

Artists in a game team taking advantage of a natural workflow with Gluon and file locking while programmers make extensive use of branching, merging and distributed workflows. All in the same repo.

Reduce manual conflicts

Teams reducing manual intervention in branch merges up to a 30% thanks to the built-in semanticmerge technology in mergebots. Lots of context switching is avoided with a positive impact in individual productivity.

Want to go deeper in any of these scenarios and learn how your company can also benefit from Enterprise Edition?

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Key features

Plastic SCM Enterprise Edition is a full version control stack that includes:

On-premises server

On-premises server

The ability for companies to run as many version control servers as they need. We charge per user, not per server.

DevOps orchestration

DevOps orchestration

Through the mergebots technology.

High-scalability engine

High-scalability engine

Supports thousands of concurrent users and millions of requests and data traffic.

WAN data transfer

WAN data transfer

Optimized network protocol for high-latency and high-bandwidth networks. Useful to connect distant sites successfully.

Advanced security

Advanced security

Advanced Security implies that access to every object can be finely tuned with ACLs.


GUIs and CLI

GUIs and command line for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Branch Explorer

Branch Explorer

Extraordinary branch visualization thanks to the Branch Explorer.



Including the ability for Plastic to act as a Git Client, a Git Server, and perform fast- import/export.

Unity and Unreal

Unity and Unreal

Plugins for the most popular game development platforms: Unity and Unreal.

IDE integrations

IDE integrations

Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ and more.

Integration with Issue Trackers

Integration with Issue Trackers

Integrations with the most popular issue trackers . Jira, Mantis, Bugzilla and more.

CI/CD integrations

CI/CD integrations

Integrations with CI/CD systems. Including Bamboo, Jenkins and TeamCity.

Built-in Code Review

Built-in Code Review

To ensure each task branch and bugfix is reviewed prior to test and merge.

Support & onboarding

Support & onboarding

Full access to our support team and consulting services.

How Enterprise Edition compares to Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition Enterprise Edition
Centralized Yes Yes
Distributed Yes Yes
RDBMs storage1 SQL Azure on Cloud + Jet locally Jet ad-hoc repo storage + all supported RDBMS:
MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite,
SQL server CE, Firebird
Cloud Yes
This is what Cloud Edition is about
Cloud Extension
Unity/UE plugins Yes Yes
Git client Yes Yes
Git Server Yes
Shelves Yes Yes
Delete changesets Yes Yes
Mergebots Yes
Server-side triggers Yes Yes
LDAP integration Yes
Proxy server Yes Yes
WAN transfer Yes
High scalability2 Yes

1 Currently we recommend Jet , our ad-hoc, blazing-fast, repository storage system. It is the storage deployed by default and the one that offers a better performance. Plastic an still work with standard RDBMs that range from SQLite to SQL Server and MySQL. Corporations sometimes require to use their standard system, and that's why Enterprise Edition is the only one with SQL Server and MySQL support.

2 High scalability engine included in Enterprise Edition. Servers that need to support heavy load (millions of requests per day) and high performance requirements (repos in the TB range with hundreds of users) are better served by the high scalability engine included in Enterprise Edition.

Supported scenarios


Teams can work centralized, with developers just doing checkin to the central servers. It will be fast whether they are in the local network or working remotely from a distant site.

Supported scenarios centralized


The team can also work distributed, where each developer has local repos and push pulls to the central server (or even to other colleagues).
This is pure DVCS style (or Git-style if you prefer).

Supported scenarios dixtributed


Teams can use a mix of centralized and distributed even when working on the same project. This is great because it gives team members the choice to stick to their preferred workflow, simply do what they are most comfortable with.

Supported scenarios mixed


Multiple Plastic SCM servers can be installed on as many sites as required at no extra cost. Different sites can then cooperate keeping their repositories in sync. Different geographies can use their local servers as central and cooperate with other sites seamlessly.

Cloud extension

Want to learn more about distributed and centralized?

Read the Plastic Book online here

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