Release Notes

Public Feb 28 2020


All platforms - .NET Core Server: Our brand new, .NET Core-based Plastic SCM server received new superpowers! Now it has the WebAdmin and WebUI available - and DevOps (mergebots)! (Unless you run it on macOS, where we still didn't enable the mergebots).

You can learn more about the .NET Core-based Plastic SCM server and how to install it in this blogpost.


All platforms - Plastic, Gluon (Cloud Edition): This release has a known bug that causes repositories to appear duplicated during the configuration steps. This bug is not critical, is just a graphical nuissance when selecting the repository you want to join. It will be fixed in the upcoming releases.


All Platforms - Server: You can now run the Plastic proxy as a subcommand "proxy" of plasticd.

What is the Plastic proxy? See here:


The arguments to "plasticd proxy" are exactly the same as for "plasticcached":

C:\PlasticSCM\server> plasticd proxy --installservice
Installing service Plastic Proxy...
Service Plastic Proxy has been successfully installed.
Creating EventLog source Plastic Proxy in log Application...
Service correctly installed

C:\PlasticSCM\server> plasticd proxy --start
Server started

C:\PlasticSCM\server> plasticd proxy --stop
Server stopped

C:\PlasticSCM\server> plasticd proxy --uninstallservice
Removing EventLog source Plastic Proxy.
Service Plastic Proxy is being removed from the system...
Service Plastic Proxy was successfully removed from the system.
Service correctly uninstalled


Windows - Plastic: The Plastic client periodically checks the license on the server, and if doesn't find any license, it shows an appropriate warning message in the notification area. Sadly, failing to connect to the server would also produce the same message, even if a license did exist, which was confusing.

We fixed this. Now, if the client can't connect to the server, it tells you it can't connect. If it connects and finds that there is no license, well, it tells you that you have no license.


macOS - Plastic: The new Code Review system for macOS is no longer an experimental feature! We removed the warning panel in the top of the Window saying that. However, the feature is still recent, so do not hesitate to report any possible problem to support at codicesoftware dot com.