Release Notes

Public Sep 25 2020


macOS - Plastic, Gluon: We improved the About Dialog aesthetic.

It now has a new look and matches the one in GTK and Windows! Don't forget to check the release songs :)




Windows - Plastic: We made a minor aesthetic change.

We changed the background color of the information notification strip that appears (when needed) above the views tabs.


All platforms - Plastic: We fixed the sync view to take into account the view permission for the branches.

A customer reported that the sync view shows all branches with pending changes to sync although the user didn't have permission to see those branches.

We fixed the sync view to show only the correct branches taking into account their permissions.


Windows - Plastic Drive: We fixed an issue with the setup that affected Plastic Drive!

We were missing a library in the install! This caused that, when clicking "Mount this changeset in Plastic Drive", nothing happened.

Remember that you will need Dokan 1.4 for Plastic Drive to work!