High level overview

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What is Plastic SCM? Why teams decide to use it? What makes it really better?

What is Plastic SCM
A high level intro - 1:54
Why teams move to Plastic
Learn why many teams come from P4 and Git - 2:52
Short intro to the key concepts
By the CTO and Founder - 2:27

Workflow fundamentals

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Let's start with the underlying foundations

A perfect workflow
The philosophy for modern software engineering - 3:07
How we do Kanban
How we reduced cycle time with Kanban - 8:59
Mapping concepts
The Git/Plastic SCM/P4 rosetta stone - 1:59

Implement DevOps with Plastic SCM

Enter mergebots, our way to automate merges and orchestrate continuous delivery

Hire a mergebot for your team
Discover how mergebots orchestrate DevOps - 18:17
How we use mergebots to automate tasks
This is how we combine 3 mergebots - 1:46

Getting used to Plastic

A couple of quick and helpful tips to start getting used to Plastic SCM

Context-aware help
Yeah, we created a clippy - 0:57
New version notification
How Plastic tells you a new version is available - 0:19

Cloud Edition tutorials - how to get started

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Cloud Edition is all the Plastic software plus cloud hosting. Let us guide you step by step

Create a Cloud organization
How to create a Cloud Edition organization - 1:21
Windows installation
Check how to install on Windows 10 - 0:34
macOS installation
Live macOS installation - 0:28

Game development

Game studios favorites: big files, big repos, locks, GUI for artists plus the hard core branching and merging and distributed capabilities

Mass asset collaboration at Telltale
How a team of hundreds of artists use Plastic Gluon - 45:16
Version control for Unity
Find why Plastic is the tool of choice for Unity - 45:16
Unity: merge scenes and prefabs
Using Unity and Plastic - 19:46

Videos showing interesting features

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Plastic SCM is a full stack. It comes GUIs and also advanced diff and merge tools

Diff images
Nothing better than swiping different versions - 1:32
Merge refactored code
Xdiff - merging moved code - 6:24
Diff code moved across files - intro
Quick overview of Analyze Refactors - 1:52