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Codice Software

Códice Software is the name of the company behind Plastic SCM, our flagship version control product. Códice has been acquired by Unity Technologies in August 2020.

We have been in business since 2005, always focused on the design and development of the version control technology that powers Plastic SCM.

Customers worldwide trust Plastic SCM to handle their source code and all the related assets in their software projects. Our customers range in size from corporations with +3000 developers served by Plastic SCM to small studios. Our customers also span a wide range of verticals, from government to regulated industries, automotive to video games, healthcare to banks and insurance companies.

We are a highly stable, deeply experienced and truly motivated team completely devoted to creating the most advanced version control software in the world. We are used to wrestling giants and, as our customer list indicates, beat them quite often.

The only thing we do better than Plastic SCM is customer support. We are totally committed to our customers and that's why we are the most accessible team of version control experts in the entire industry. That's the reason why so many companies choose Plastic instead of other mainstream alternatives; they can "talk" to a team of engineers that care about them and understand their problems.

While part of the team is distributed, our headquarters is in Boecillo Tech Park, near Valladolid, Spain, a beautiful, calm, green area home to several tech companies.

Codice Software Spain head quarter

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