Plastic SCM Plug-in For POLARION


Short description:

Integration of Plastic SCM with Polarion ALM

Extension Requirements:

Plastic SCM 5.0 or higher

Support Conditions:

Supported with the standard Plastic SCM license support conditions at

Extension Description:

This plugin allows you to track changes from Plastic SCM to Polarion work-items, to enforce the version control in the development lifecycle across projects.

The basic change unity in Plastic SCM is the changeset. You can link changesets to Polarion work items linking a Plastic SCM changeset to a work-item (manually) or linking a work-item using the Plastic SCM check-in comment.

You can also view the linked changeset content in Polarion ALM, using the Plastic SCM code viewer (WebUI).

Process to follow to install the plugin:
  1. Install last version (5.4) from following download instructions.
  2. Once you have installed it, inside the installation directory you will see a subdirectory call "Polarion”. You can find there the instructions to follow and the ".jar" to install the plugin.


Integration of Plastic SCM with Polarion ALM