BondR is a lean, efficient and Agile software solutions company based in Toronto. Highly focused on building business intelligence and Agile solutions, the BondR team has delivered real business value to their clients for over a dozen years.

Our mission is simple and straightforward. From strategy to execution, the BondR team wishes to provide high quality software solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Abiding by our core values, our team of experts work vigorously to ensure that clients achieve desired business goals in a transparent and collaborative environment where communication throughout the SDLC is top priority.

At BondR, we go beyond traditional software engineering. Our Agile transformation and business intelligence solutions are optimally designed to help clients achieve better business performance, competitive market advantage and long-term stability. Working closely with clients, we have a great track record of driving successful BI implementations and have ultimately helped many clients manage information assets to drive enhanced decision-making, insight discovery and process optimization.

Adhering to our priority to go beyond traditional software development, we are happy to partner with Codice Software to also offer Plastic SCM. We are building this exceptionally useful tool into our Agile transformation portfolio to help with the delivery and continuous integration of Agile. At BondR, we are highly committed to fulfilling our clients’ needs and we believe that Plastic SCM is the perfect tool to compliment our services in order to ultimately help our enterprise clients meet their complex business requirements.


Phone: 416-848-4593

330 Bay Street, Suite 820, Toronto ON, M5H 2S8, Canada


  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Media and Information/ Digital Publishing
  • Agile transformation & training
  • Rally integration & training
  • Software development consulting
  • Plastic SCM migration, implementation & training
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