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Codice Software

Codice Software is a privately held engineering company, focused on the design and development of Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions.

Codice's mission is to provide a high-end SCM product, implementing all the features of the top configuration management suites, and to make it affordable to every software company around the globe.

Codice Software Spain head quarter

Codice's primary activity is research and development. It is firmly backed by Bullnet Capital, a venture capital firm based in Spain.

One of the company's most important concerns is software quality. To that end, Codice has obtained a CMMI Level 2 certification. Codice's engineering culture promotes agile development methods such as scrum, making it compatible with the practices and processes associated with CMMI.

Codice Software offices are located at Boecillo's TechPark, the heart of software and technological innovation in central Spain.

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