Teamwork explained

Version control is all about teamwork. First, it helps developers who are working on the same codebase to avoid making mistakes. Then it helps you find the right balance between isolation and collaboration. Some development teams these days tend to work in isolation. Each team member works in their own little world, so they don't have to worry about others breaking their code. This is not the ideal development OR business practice. Version control helps you collaborate, helps you work together to achieve a common goal and make the project a success.

Creating a repository

The repository is the database where your code is stored, as you already read in the preceding pages.

There are several rules of thumb for repository creation, but let's start with the simplest one.

Repository Creation Rule of Thumb: Create a new repository for every new project you're working on.

How do you create a new repo on the GUI? Click on the Repositories & Workspaces section in the left panel and then click Repositories. In the repositories view that opens up, click the Create new repository... button. You will get a window like this:

Creating a repository

You have to type the repository name (normally related to your project name) and then the server where you want to create your repository (your Plastic server).

Once the new repository is created it will show up on the list of available repositories. Then you can populate it with whatever code you already have and start working on it.

Should I create a new workspace to work on my new repository?
It depends on you. If you want to reuse your current workspace to work on the new repository, just right-click on the repo, display the branches in it (in a new repository, only /main branch is present) and switch to it. It will unload your current code and download the new one (right now it's just an empty repository).