The task cycle continued

Change / check-in workflow

Do you want to work with Plastic in the same way you would with Subversion or CVS? Meaning, of course, that you just change code on your workspace and later you check in. Yep, it's as simple as that. You can edit files without needing to do an explicit check-out.

In order to do so, simply modify the files you need. Then you can use the Pending changes tool in the Plastic GUI to automatically identify the modified files. Plastic SCM also recognizes when you have moved files around, even if the files' content has been modified.

check-in workflow

Note:Take into account that by default Plastic will write all the files as read-only. We do this to enforce the check-out / check-in cycle. If you want to overwrite files with the read-only flag set, you'll need an editor capable of modifying read-only files. Notepad, for instance, can't. You can always configure Plastic so that it doesn't leave the files as read-only. In order to do so, go to Preferences, click on the Other options section and uncheck Update and Checkin operations set files as read-only.

check-in workflow