Plastic SCM 4.0 Online Launch
Branching & Merging that simply works
Check the videos from de launch event hold on Nov 17th
What customers says...
"I've had a chance to play with "method history" for a few days now and I'm impressed so far"
Jason Allis, ThoughtWorks

"I started using the product on a project already and Iím amazed at how smooth branching and merging is, home run, finally branching like a developer expects it to work."
Wayne R. Wise, Exaktime

"I have been very impressed with Plastic SCM and I have decided to use it in all of my customers' sites"
Zia Partovi, DENTSPLY International

"Just wanted to let you know my company are now about half way through our migration to Plastic SCM and loving it!"
Daniel Upton, Leopard Business Solutions

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What makes Plastic SCM different
It is the best Distributed Version Control supporting
task driven development for teams of any size because
it simplifies branching and merging.

It works the way you want!

  • Fully Distributed or Centralized repositories
  • Branching and Merging that simply works
  • Powerful GUI
  • Integrated with 3rd party tools: IDE’s, Issue Trackers…
  • Reliable storage supported on popular RDBMS.
Some of our customers
Activision | SRS | HP | DHL | intel | U.S. ARNY | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | SAIC