Big software, meet Plastic

Version Control for large-scale software projects

Large teams

Large teams

Scale up to teams with hundreds of developers, multiple sites and fully distributed developers working from home or at the customer site.

Massive code & data

Massive code & data

Handle large codebases with more than 500k files. Work with files larger than 1Tb. Developers and content creators, all on the same version control system.

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Deep version control histories

Deep version control histories

Handle hundreds of thousands of revisions, thousands of versions, and version control operations will still be fast.

If you're building large scale software, involved on a big project that is critical to your organization,
dealing with big files, facing demanding merges or even all together,
then Plastic SCM is the version control that can help you keeping things under control

A version control system that will help you develop new features in parallel,
go distributed, merge in time, and never break a build again

What you can do with Plastic SCM

Use Task Branches to develop

Do continuous delivery

Do continuous delivery

  • Work in branches, test and peer-review every branch before merging.
  • Use release branches or ‘main’ to deliver.
  • Plug any CI system you want.

Go distributed

Scale up to huge projects & binaries

Develop video games

Develop video games with artists and developers using the same version control for large binaries and code

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

What is new in Plastic SCM 5.0

Every new release of Plastic SCM comes with a long list of improvements. Here are some of the most relevant new features:
  • GitSync

    Plastic SCM now speaks the Git network protocol so it is possible to directly push and pull from a remote Git server, including GitHub.

    plastic scm, screenshot of GitSync
  • Item merge tracking

    Diff a branch or a changeset, show the 2D-file history or annotate a file and find how merges are better explained.

    plastic scm, screenshot of Item merge tracking
  • Semantic History

    90% of the time when you check a file’s history, you are only looking for a specific method. Semantic History parses the code and tracks the element you’re looking for

    plastic scm, screenshot of Semantic History
  • Client changelists

    A way to organize in groups the checkouts on the ‘pending changes view’.

    plastic scm, screenshot of Client changelists
  • Visual Studio 2013

    Tightly integrated with the newest release of Visual Studio, including the new color schemes.

    plastic scm, screenshot of Visual Studio 2013
  • Improved Eclipse support

    New built-in Branch Explorer, performance improvements, new queries on views and lots of small tweaks.

    plastic scm, screenshot of Improved Eclipse support
  • New path based security

    Now you can assign ACLs to paths so you can easily enforce policies on certain areas of your project source code tree.

    plastic scm, screenshot of New path based security
  • Improved annotate / blame

    Blame is now more precise than ever and it shows more information like the major contributors to the file and the average line age.

    plastic scm, screenshot of Improved annotate / blame
  • Java command line client

    A Java-based, fully featured, command-line client has been added to support platforms like HP-UX and AIX.

  • Improved cloaked / ignore rules

    The rules to define cloaked.conf, ignored.conf and hidden.conf files are now more flexible and simpler to define.

If you’re a smaller team, get started today, and be ready for when your project grows!