Integration with Windows Explorer (Shell Extension)

Plastic SCM is integrated with Windows Explorer, using the standard shell extension interface. It's not a poor cousin, like some other shell extensions. This integration provides access to all the tools in the Plastic SCM graphical user interface from within Windows Explorer: the Branch Explorer, the 3D revision tree, the graphical Merge tool ... all of them!

You invoke item-specific commands through a source-controlled item's context menu (Plastic SCM submenu).

Plastic SCM with Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer's background has a context menu, too. Its Plastic SCM submenu provides access to all the general GUI tools: Branch Explorer, Labels view, Workspaces view, etc.

Plastic SCM submenu access GUi tools

You can have multiple Plastic SCM windows open concurrently. This makes using Plastic SCM's graphical tools through Windows Explorer feel very similar to using the multi-window interface of the "official" GUI.

Plastic SCM multi-window interface