User-defined attributes

Add your own metadata to any object in the repository

Attributes extended info panel

Defining and applying attributes

A user-defined attribute is a name-value pair, which can be applied to any object in a Plastic SCM repository. Attributes enable you to attach process-specific data to branches, labels, items, and more. They are visible in the "Extended information" panel in the GUI's views of branches, labels, changesets, and code reviews.

For instance, you can define a "Status" attribute and apply it to task branches, or certain labels can have the attribute "Public release", indicating that the baselines defined by those labels are available to the public.

There are a million uses for extra data stored in user-defined attributes -- the sky's the limit!

Using attributes / Queries

You can use attributes in a number of ways. Many of the GUI's views (including those for branches, labels, changesets, and code reviews) have "Advanced" query fields. For example, to filter a list of branches in order to view just the ones whose "Status" attribute has value "Open", you type this query in the Advanced field:

find branches where attribute="Status" and attrvalue="Open"

In the Branch Explorer, you can specify an attribute-based query in conditional formatting rules, in order to color-code branches. Combined with the branch-per-task pattern, this provides an extremely informative and powerful view of your development environment.

Attributes filtering in the branch explorer with conditional format