The new DVCS for Visual Studio

Embrace the power of branching and merging.

Plastic SCM integrated inside Visual Studio

Fully integrated: everything inside VS

Dockable views

All the views that you find in the Plastic SCM GUI client are available inside Visual Studio, and you can arrange them as you like.

Branch Explorer

All the power of the Distributed Branch Explorer is there: compare changes, create branches, switch to them, explore remote servers...


Replicating branches is straightfoward from the branch explorer or the branches view.

Plastic SCM brach operations Imagen Merge: Plastic SCM is updated inside Visual Studio

Merge a branch and get the files instantly updated inside Visual Studio.

Perform merges right inside Visual Studio

Your history, enhanced inside VS

Method history

You are editing a file and suddenly something looks strange. This method didn't look like this last time you saw it. Sounds familiar?

That's method history: right click on the method and look at the changes of just that method. Stay focused.


The best place to invoke annotate: right click on the file you are seeing and see who made what.

Plastic SCM looks at the changes Imagen Xdiff: Plastic SCM displays moved code

Moved code is also displayed when comparing files inside Visual Studio.

Plastic SCM's diff tool can detect moved blocks of code, even if they've also been modified.
Plastic SCM moves files in the Solution Explorer

Project status

Status on all your files
Plastic SCM draws the status on all your files.
Move between projects

Plastic SCM supports moving files between projects seamlessly. Just drag and drop your file to another project, Plastic SCM will recognize it.

Sounds like this is what you would expect, right? Well, that's what we think too, yet many SCM tools out there fail to do it.


As you'd expect, when you modify a file, it is automatically checked out by the Plastic SCM Visual Studio integration.

Checking out files can speed up the perfomance of the pending changes calculation and having Visual Studio doing it for you reduces the time you spend waiting.

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