SQL database backends

Plastic SCM stores all its data in a relational database. Out of the box, it uses a SQL Server Compact Edition or SQLite embedded database, requiring no manual configuration. You can later reconfigure Plastic SCM to use a different backend.


Supported database backends: mysql, sqlserver, sqlite, firebird, oracle

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Plastic SCM supports these SQL backends:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server & SQL Server Express
  • SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Oracle
  • Firebird Server
  • Firebird Embedded
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL

Advantages of Plastic SCM's database architecture

Plastic SCM's architecture makes it easy to configure (and switch) SQL database backends. This enables Plastic SCM to offer great scalability under heavy load and provide very efficient and safe storage. The Plastic SCM server uses a highly optimized database access layer to take advantage of each database backend.

Plastic SCM's data architecture provides:

  • Proven reliability: your data is safe under all conditions.
  • Well-known data backup procedures.
  • Leverage for your existing investment in database systems.
  • Easy integration with your existing IT infrastruture and knowledge base.
  • Ability to create customized reports and dashboards, using data extracted by standard SQL queries.

Default database backends

SQL Server Compact Edition is the default backend on Windows platforms; Linux and Mac OS X use SQLite. These default backends are best suited for evaluation environments. We recommend configuring a different backend for production environments.