Method based history

Select a method

Select a method within Visual Studio and Plastic SCM will go through the file history and analyze the evolution of that specific method!!


We estimate that 95% of the time you go through a file's history, the reason is to check a specific method.

That's why we came up with this new feature.

"Method history" is our first step into a "programming language aware SCM", a path we will be walking during the next months.

We have a bunch of ideas to combine the "method history" parsing technology with XDiff and XMerge, to come up with a new line of Plastic SCM functionality in 2012.

In fact "method history" is one of those things we've always wanted to implement, but of course we had to cover the SCM basics first. But, finally, it is here!

First, here's a short explanation of what "method history" is about, with graphics:

Plastic will look for the method in every revision of the item.

Right now the search has some limitations (it's still beta software):

  • We only parse C# code (Java is ready but not deployed; VB and C++ will be next)
  • We don't consider constructors yet (but we're on it!)
  • We locate the method by name: next step will be finding renames too!




How do I try it out?

Simple: download the new release and install the Visual Studio package (not SCC, the newest package) and give it a whirl.

Send us feedback!

"Plastic SCM Method Based History" is still in beta so we really appreciate feedback through our forum (



What's next??

As I mentioned, a ton of new stuff:

  • Being able to invoke "methodhistory" from the "annotate" views in the GUI
  • Eclipse support
  • Multiple language support + improved C#
  • Tracking refactored (moved) code between files... (wow! yes, we're on it! :P)