Integrated code reviews


A code review is essentially about reading code and leaving comments. The Plastic SCM GUI organizes the conducting of reviews on individual changesets or on entire branches. This is particularly convenient and effective when you adopt a branch-per-task development methodology.

List of Code Reviews in Plastic SCM


Adding comments to a code review

When you open a code review, you see a list of the items that were modified in the changeset or branch. You can browse through the changes and make comments on individual code lines.

Several comments can be placed on the same line, enabling multiple reviewers to participate efficiently in code review conversations.

Creating a code review and assigning it

Right-click any branch or changeset to create a code review for it. Enter a title and optionally assign it to a user or group. That's all there is to it!

You can start the review right away or leave it in the list of pending reviews for the assignee. When reviews have been verified, mark them as approved. The changes in the branch or changeset are ready to progress toward release.

To keep your code reviews organized, the Plastic SCM GUI provides an initial set of filters, which you can supplement with user-defined filters.



Code review comments